Royal Couple, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan to Visit Pakistan

PIA Invites Newly Wed Royal Couple to Visit Pakistan

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) incited the royal couple to visit Pakistan. On their twitter invitation, they remind them of Princess Diana’s visit to Pakistan. Prince Harry and Prince Meghan get married on 19th March 2018, Saturday.

Recently, the second son of Princess Diana got married to Meghan Markel. Meghan is the blackish women and was an actress in America. Probably, she is the first black women to enter in royal family from past 700 Years. The wedding creates excitement among the people and thousands of people watch it either live or on TV. Although he marriage has been ended the news is not. Every social media site especially twitter is filled with the new of this royal wedding. However, some people don’t like the princess Meghan but this couple also gathered a bundle of prayers.

PIA Tweeted:

On this regards, PIA tweeted to invite this couple to Pakistan. PIA remind them of the visit of Princess Diana in the northern region of Pakistan. They share a memorable picture of Princess Diana along with the traditional dressed little girls. PIA said; we watched this memorable royal wedding. After seeing this, we remind princess Diana and her visits to the northern region of Pakistan. As we thought, it would be a splendid moment when this new wed royal couple also visits Pakistan. Especially, the marvelous northern regions of Pakistan.Royal Couple

As Princess Diana had visited the northern region and mention Pakistan with kind and live words. No doubt, the host country does a very well prepared in the previous royal visit. By mentioning the royal couple, they said Princes Harry and Princess Meghan, we are ready. Please let us know when you will visit us.

People’s Reaction:

However, there is an equal ratio of the criticized and agreed people. Some said it’s a good and pleasant to see this. They also welcomed this newlywed couple to visit Pakistan. While others criticized them as well even some of them are so horrible. They said the PIA should not invite them in this way. Although, there are not clear view that whether they will visit Pakistan or not. There is a strong prediction that, they will certainly visit us. As their mother visited a long time back after her wedding.

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