Master Foam Introduced Exciting Ramadan Asli Replacement Offer 2018


Ramadan Asli Replacement Offer- Get Special Discount on Molty Mattress

This Ramadan, Master Molty foam bring and excited Ramadan Asli Replacement Offer 2018. Donate the old mattress to any deserving person. You can replace your old Master foam mattress with brand new mattress at discounted prices.

Master is a renowned company in Pakistan serving with home appliances. On this holy month of Ramzan, Master Molty Foam introduced an exciting and cost-effective Ramadan Asli Replacement offer. They are best at providing celeste, Molty Foams and accessories such as pillows and cushions. Perhaps Master is the most reliable and most customer-oriented organization. They always try to facilitate the customer with best deals and reasonable prices. This time, master offer Ramadan Asli Replacement offer 2018 for its customer. This offer will allow you to get the brand new mattress at your doorstep while getting rid of your old one.

Ramadan Asli Replacement Offer 2018:

Through this offer, one can get the best deals of foams at discounted prices. Moreover, you can get your brand new Master Molty foam at special discounted prices. You just have to donate your old foam to any deserving family. In this offer, they have offered a discount on Molty foam and Celeste.


On the celeste, but the new one for your home while donating the old one. They are offering up to 10% off on every product.

Name Actual Price Discounted Price
Memory Luxe 87,600 PKR 70,080 PKR
Memory 66,700 PKR 53,360 PKR
Celeste Ultra Ortho 17,700 PKR 14,160 PKR
Eterna Firm 35,500 PKR 28,400 PKR
Eterna Soft 47,700 PKR 38,160 PKR
Classique 26,500 PKR 21,200 PKR
Celeste Cool Jel 17,400 PKR 13,920 PKR
Bravo Standard 16,000 PKR 12,800 PKR
Bravo Plus 17,600 PKR 14,080 PKR

2.Molty Foams:

Perhaps they have a huge customer base in their Molty foam sale.  A significant amount of discount will be provided to you on your new sale. But make sure you are ready to donate your old mattress to any deserving and poor family.

Name Actual Price Discounted Price
Molty Memory 44,100 PKR 35,280 PKR
Molty Cool Gel 7 Zone 13,600 PKR 10,880 PKR
Molty Delux 13,000 PKR 10,400 PKR
Molty Sleep 41,000 PKR 32,800 PKR
Molty Foam 6,900 PKR 5,520 PKR
Molty Plus 9,700 PKR 7,760 PKR
Molty Memory Ortho 25,200 PKR 20,160 PKR
Molty Ortho 17,600 PKR 14,080 PKR
Molty Cool Gel Ortho 17,600 PKR 14,080 PKR

Update: Date extended till 22nd June 2018, so hurry and get the advantage of some discount. picsart_06-17-03351480804.png

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