“Please Do Not Use Promo NOTVALENTINES” – Careem


Careem, which is the efficient ride service and very much in use since last year had announced the special promo service for Valentine’s Day recently. Now Careem has announced and request to the customers not to use promo NOTVALENTINES. It was the special Valentine offer for the customer on whom they could have to get the gifts from themselves and for the captain of the car. The company discontinues the offer as it is against government policies and due to the ban on promoting Valentine. Careem has mentioned the reason for not using this promo they previously introduced, “Keeping in accordance with strict government policies, Careem will not be celebrating Valentine’s day. You must not use our promo: NOTVALENTINES to win a special gift basket for you, & your Captain. This promo code is not meant to be used on 14th February in any part of the country. We repeat, do not use the promo NOTVALENTINES.” Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority(PEMRA) recently restricts the media channels not to promote Valentine’s day in their shows. Not only this they also restrict the news channels to cover any activity on this day regarding the celebrations otherwise will they take action. It seems like Careem is also following this policy and don’t want to get into any trouble for this promo. The court warned print and electronic media, “stop all Valentine’s Day promotions immediately”. This action has been taken due to the petition of a common citizen who raises the point that this occasion is against Islamic values and should be stopped. On this point in 2016, the President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain said, “Valentine’s Day has no connection with our culture and it should be avoided,” and added that the downsides of western culture had “adversely affected one of our neighboring countries.” Read More: PEMRA Restricts Local Media to Promote Valentine’s Day

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