PEMRA Restricts Local Media to Promote Valentine’s Day


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) reacts against promoting Valentine’s Day celebration on local media channels of Pakistan. It reminds the media about our culture by banning the idea of promoting Valentine. In previous years, many of the media channels promoted the Valentine’s Day in morning shows and other programs and set up the new culture of talking about this event bluntly.

Not only arranging the even in shows but also it bans to cover any event regarding Valentine. The media channels now can’t cover any event or gathering arranged on Valentine so it can’t be promoted in Pakistan. A private citizen of Pakistan Abdul Waheed submitted the petition in court to ban Valentine promotion as it is against Islamic values in Pakistan. According to his petition, this event is spreading inappropriate acts, nudity, and vulgarity under the term of spreading love which should be banned according to Islamic values.

PEMRA writes, “Respondents are directed to ensure that nothing about the celebration of Valentine Day and its promotion is spread on the Electronic and Print Media. No event shall be held at official level and at any public place.”

“Therefore, all the broadcast media and distribution services licensees are advised to desist from promoting Valentine’s Day through their respective channels/networks,”

However, this event or festival of Valentine has been highly adopted in many areas of Pakistan and big superstores are selling their products by making it more attractive. No wonder, it might get the ban in stores as well. This is the good step though, as our generation and kids are getting the wrong perception from this event plus we should respect and follow our own culture.

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