Brazil Sued Facebook For Yet Another Privacy Breach

Brazil imposed a fine on Facebook of $1.6 million for improper sharing of information, earlier this week. Brazil’s ministry of Consumer Protection department said, that data of 443,000 Facebook user had been shared with one of the apps called “thisisyourdigitallife”. The ministry claims that the data was shared for very questionable purposes.

In response to the email, Facebook stated they are going to re-evaluate its legal options regarding this case. Further the company said, we are concentrated on protecting privacy of users. We have also noticed some changes that restricted, the data which App developers can gain.

Brazil ministry had launched the investigation after the 2018 Cambridge Analytica news went viral regarding misuse of data. For now, Facebook has only 10 days to appeal for the decision and the fine shoulb be paid in thirty coming days.

Privacy Breach

According to report 2018, thisisyourdigitallife was construct by Cambridge Analytica. The reason behind developing the app was to collect users information and to select them for political advertisement.

Last month, Federal Trade Commission had passed a ruling in opposition to Cambridge Analytica. According to the agency Cambridge Analytica had breach the federal rule by confusing the Facebook users without taking their permission. Unluckily, Facebook was charged with $5 Billion for privacy breach.

However, Facebook is trying very hard for making its products and services end-to-end encrypted and temporary so that the information of user is short-lived and would not be accessible for a long time.

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