PTA To Deploy Automated System To Monitoring Telecom QoS

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently planned to procure automatic quality of services (QoS) tool. These quality of service tools will help in monitoring, performing field tests and benchmarking the communication services by different smart phone operators in Pakistan.

These quality of services tools will help Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in analyzing the service quality for audio services and video services including voice quality of different cellular services.

According to the PTA documents, this automated system should be able to test and benchmark QoS KPIs across number of mobile operators. This will also help PTA in assessing over 5 different cellular operators simultaneously. The objective is to offer end-user experience by benchmarking telecom devices, mobile networks, and technologies used for wireless like provision of 2G/3G/4G bands operational in Pakistan.

PTA Automated System

The system will have data analysis and data collection modules that benchmark the QoS KPIs for SMS, voice and data for atleast five operators. Beside that, it will have the ability of expansion for more operators if needed.

It will support application-based testing such as twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, etc and will promote multiple cellular devices from multiple vendors. The system is not just limited to smart phones, MiniCard, and modems.

The system should load Google Maps, Geo Maps, and network files. The system should also be able to change the file in any network such as KMZ, KML, CSV, and text, etc.

Following is the list of the QoS KPIs parameter that should be met by data collection and post-processing tools:

  • Grade of Service
  • Network downtime
  • Inter system handover
  • The success rate for SMS
  • Cell connection time
  • Session abnormal release rate
  • SMS End-to-End delivery time
  • RAB/E-RAB success rate
  • Cell completion ratio
  • Signals strength (RSP and RSCP)
  • Inter system handover
  • Data rate throughput (3G and 4G)
  • Call Completion ratio

The QoS system is required to test the entire quality of services KPIs and it should support every telecom technology like

  • Global System for Mobile (GSM)
  • Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
  • Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA)
  • High-Speed Download Packet Access (HSPA+)
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE)
  • Long Term Evolution- Advanced (LTE-Advanced)
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation wireless technologies with all the spectrums

The aggregation of carrier in non-contagious or contagious spectrum, and should be able to upgrade into 5G as per requirement of PTA.

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