Rohayl Varind Makes Pakistan Proud Once Again


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Rohayl Varind, a social worker, activist and entrepreneur, who committed himself to facilitating the nation at a very young age, is in the spotlight yet again for making Pakistan proud. Rohayl Varind has been selected as a Jury member for the World Summit Awards, after winning the World Summit Youth Award himself for his project ‘The Voice of R’, back in 2014-15.
Rohayl unleashed his social activism back when he was barely 14 years old and has never looked back since then. He initiated an NGO labeled as ‘The Voice of R’, aimed at highlighting social issues and benefiting the society. Molding criticism into stepping stones and overcoming countless hurdles, Rohayl has come a long way since his first project and is now a prominent activist in Pakistan.

His journey has been nothing but inspiring and his devotion to his cause is impeccable. The man alone took the initiative of highlighting social issues, fighting against poverty and the most notable of them all, eliminating illiteracy by providing education to the underprivileged teenagers. His projects and causes include ‘The Voice of R’, Wall of Humanity, Voice of Youths, Healthy Pakistan, War against poverty, Slum school and the list goes on.

Rohayl’s Slum School project has been the highlight of his entire career. He introduced a slum school in Faisalabad, a few months back, in order to facilitate and educate the underprivileged children, who cannot afford quality education. With exemplary commitment, dedication and devotion, Rohayl has managed to keep his slum school running. He also received appreciation and donation by Ms. Aseefa Bhutto, in the form of solar lights, fans and inverters, enabling this passionate youngster to keep his project running.

Rohayl’s contributions towards eliminating illiteracy and efforts for the betterment of the society have been featured in various news channels and international magazines. He is now gearing up for his most notable achievement ever. He’ll be attending World Summit Awards Global Congress in 2018, as a jury member and an ambassador. We really hope that Rohayl succeeds in his cause with his efforts and wish him all the luck for his upcoming projects.

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