Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus Pre Orders: Save Rs 6000

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus pre orders already started in Pakistan. And it has reportedly transcended to highest mark which is comparatively higher than S7 pre orders. However, this sale is going to be determining the phone’s success. Fortunately, pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 have apparently been higher than even Samsung itself expected.

Koh Dong Jin, Samsung’s president stated that this flagship phone has large number of pre orders which are more strong than their expectation. According to him 720,000 hand sets are pre ordered just within 7 days after announcing its order booking news. This figure is how ever related to only South Korea alone.

Koh Dong-jin further stated:

Initial market response (for the Galaxy S8) is better than expected. I think the Galaxy S8 will be the first device to regain customers’ trust and love.

For Pakistan, we have a good news here that on pre orders of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus you will get voucher of Rs 6000 on every single order but it is limited time offer and also there are selective retailers for cash vouchers. It is important to share that online booking facility for these phones are not available therefore contact retail outlets.

S8 has eventually revived the trust in Brand, it withered away all the fears which were roaming around about discontinuation and recalling of phones after Note 7. Company claims that through this phone they are going top fight for rank among to five phones in the world.

Procedure to Order Phone

For your guidance we are sharing here ordering procedure,

Fill out the given form and attach CNIC copy along with 10,000 Rs. Well. It is expected that S8 will be ranging around 86,000 Rs.

Pre orders of S8 are over loaded and you can book order till 27th April then it will deliver on 28th April.

Galaxy S8 is going to bring high profit for Samsung in second quarter, Analysts’ reviews.

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