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Scooties have been a popular vehicle in India, but now it is getting fame in Pakistan too specially in large cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. It is most popular among female students and female workers as they become independent in traveling to their desired destinations. This article would tell you about best scooties in Pakistan, their price, and specifications.

Scootie Scheme by Punjab Government

Punjab Government has decided to provide female students and staff with pink scooties to help them reach their destination on their own. Females who intend to avail this offer could apply via Bank of Punjab. And can pay the price for scootie in installments. This scheme would facilitate the females to achieve their goals without relying on male.

Which are the Top Scooties Brands in Pakistan?

The following scooty brands are most-liked and purchased by females due to their quality:

  1. Super Power 70 CC Scooty
  2. United 50 CC Scooty
  3. Yamaha 150 CC Scooty
  4. Vespa 150 CC Scooty
  5. United 80 CC Scooty
  6. United 100 CC Scooty

Specifications and Price of Scooties in Pakistan

United Scooty

Because of its distinctive models, United Scooty is now acquiring an edge. Girls adore United Scooty’s vibrant colors, which are in high demand for these scooties. The top 3 models currently available are as follows:

United Scooty 50 CC

For the young Pakistani girls United Company has produced its extremely lightweight and low-power scooter. One of the cheapest models to be introduced in Pakistan is the United 50cc scooty.

This scooty is designed for girls who simply want a convenient and comfy scooty, and the 50cc model is a wonderful option. You can choose it based on your preferences from a variety of color possibilities, though.

For those just starting out, this United 50cc scooty is the ideal option. Because of its lighter weight and lower power, this vehicle is simple to ride in congested local traffic on busy roads.

United Scooty 80 CC

Girls and even women who want to ride a scooty in complete comfort might consider the United 80cc scooty. This scooty’s 4-stroke engine and OHC technology really make it the ideal ride.

This sophisticated and fashionable scooty has a 7.2 HP power output, just as (8000 rpm). The scooter, on the other hand, weighs about 90 kg. It is an ideal vehicle for people that travel frequently. It has a remarkable balance of power and comfort.

United Scooty 100 CC

The United 100cc scooty is the ideal vehicle for anyone who want to improve their scooty driving skills to the perfection level. This scooty is made to survive repeated use without collapsing in the presentation area.

This variant is available with both a single chamber limited air-cooled motor and a 4-cycle motor. For individuals who only want a fun ride with their friends, the 100cc model is one of the better options. With room for two passengers on board, the vehicle’s strong engine provides a comfortable ride. However, you may also use it to transport other stuff in addition to your groceries.

Price of United Scooty Models

Models Price
United Scooty 50 CC Rupees 50,000
United Scooty 80 CC Will Available Soon
United Scooty 100 CC Rupees 243,000


Super Power Scooty

In Pakistan, Super Power has gained recognition for their motorbikes due to strong sales. The company has increased every aspect of its production as well as scooty manufacturing operations.

Super Power 70cc Scooty

One of the most remarkable scooters currently introduced to the market is the Super Power 70cc scooty. Super Power has developed a mid-range, reasonably priced power scooty for young girls, much like its competitors.

This 70cc scooty has a comfy seat and is offered in a variety of colors. This 70cc scooty’s launch goal is to achieve a very light ride with a mid-range power engine so that it will be acceptable for both novice and experienced riders. This scooty model is regarded as one of the greatest superpower scooty models as of 2022.

As the Super Power 70cc Scooty can achieve a fuel average of roughly 65KM/L, the features are really distinctive. In Pakistan, this scooty has developed a significant following that includes both boys and females. It provides a smooth, comfortable ride that makes travelling on the road enjoyable.

Model Price
Super Power 70cc Scooty  Will Available Soon


Honda Scooty

Honda is renowned for its luxurious vehicles, and its devoted customers consistently choose this brand over others. Honda’s introduction of its scooty has attracted the interest of young girls and women. Honda Dio, nevertheless, will be the Honda Scooty with the highest sales in 2022.

Honda Dio

Completely automated transmission is available on the Honda Dio. It has a single cylinder and can produce a maximum of 7.76 PS at 8000 rpm. It has a SI Engine with a 4-stroke and a cool fan, and its maximum torque is 9 Nm at 4750 rpm. According to statistics, this scooty gets 77 percent more miles per gallon than other scooties. 48 km/l is the recorded mileage.

Model Price
Honda Dio 49cc Rupees 210000


Suzuki Scooty

 Suzuki also manufactures scooties, and they are successfully sold all around the world. Young females in Pakistan are currently interested in scooty, and Suzuki is helping to meet customer needs by producing their own scooties.

Suzuki 49cc Scooty

The new Suzuki 49cc scooty sports a single cylinder engine that is 4 Stroke and EFI, as well as a comfy seat. The fuel tank has a 4-liter maximum capacity. However, a CVT is used for the transmission.

Model Price
Suzuki 49cc Scooty Rupees 239,900

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