5 Best ChatGPT Alternatives In 2024

Everyone is looking for ChatGPT alternatives at the moment. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed the explosive popularity of ChatGPT on the internet. Recently, the launch of GPT-4 has made the bot even more powerful, but unfortunately, ChatGPT’s servers are often overloaded with users, resulting in users being locked out.

If you’re one of the people unable to access this incredibly useful and interesting AI bot, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of ChatGPT alternatives for you to try out. So, open up additional tabs in your browser without further ado, and let’s chat with some AI bots.

Chat GPT 4

Here are the alternatives for you to consider if you are looking for some.


Chatsonic has recently gained popularity as one of the newest and most expansive ChatGpt alternatives. It’s built on top of ChatGPT, which means it inherits its vast potential. However, this AI chatbot has additional features and broader knowledge because it can access the internet, which ChatGPT can still not do.


Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic allows you to communicate with the AI using your microphone, similar to Google Assistant and Siri. After your conversation, you can share the replies through links or Word/PDF documents. In addition to text, Chatsonic offers a built-in image generator that creates decent images based on the prompts you provide.

Although the chatbot is not free, it provides 25 free image generations per day. After that, you can use your Writesonic word balance to generate more images or opt for the long-form plan, which starts at just $12.67 per month. Furthermore, you can access this impressive ChatGPT alternative through its browser extension and Android app.

Microsoft Bing

The AI market is not limited to Google. Microsoft announced its $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and has unveiled an enhanced version of its Bing AI search engine. The revamped search engine utilizes an upgraded version of ChatGPT, which Microsoft initially dubbed the “Prometheus model” but later confirmed as GPT-4.

Microsoft Bing

According to Microsoft, the new model is faster and more accurate than previous versions. The new version of Bing features a Chat mode that gathers web queries and enables users to ask contextual questions based on them. During a recent Microsoft event, the user requested a television recommendation and then used Bing to filter the options.

Like ChatGPT, Bing also allows users to plan trips, find recipes, seek advice, and much more. Although still in a limited preview, Bing will be entirely free once released. While previously available through a waitlist, this is one of the few ChatGPT alternatives that are now accessible to stable users via the Edge browser. However, you can use our guide to use Bing AI in any web browser of your choice.

Jasper Chat

Jasper has been an established player in the AI content generation industry for some time now, and its services have been well-received by users. In addition to its content generation capabilities and other offerings, Jasper has also recently introduced a chatbot called Jasper Chat.

This is one of those ChatGPT alternatives that is powered by GPT 3.5 and other language models, with OpenAI as its partner. However, unlike ChatGPT, which is suitable for anyone to use, Jasper Chat has been specifically designed for businesses in fields such as advertising and marketing.

Jasper Chat

Although designed for businesses, Jasper Chat can be used by anyone seeking an AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The company claims that Jasper Chat has learned from billions of articles and other information sources in 29 languages prior to mid-2021.

Although it may not have the most up-to-date information, it can still engage in medium to complex conversations. Additionally, there is a toggle option to include Google search data, which enhances its capabilities.

While Jasper Chat is free to use, access to all its features requires a subscription to Jasper’s Boss or Business plan, which starts at $59 per month. Although it may seem expensive, the plan provides access to all of Jasper’s services. You can try it out for five days to see if it meets your needs.

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Character AI

Character AI is unique in that it offers users a range of personalities to choose from when engaging in conversation. Unlike other ChatGPT alternatives that provide a single interaction experience, Character AI has been developed using neural language models and specifically trained for conversations.

On the home page of Character AI, there are various characters to choose from, ranging from famous personalities like Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and Socrates to Joe Biden and Kanye West. What sets Character AI apart from other ChatGPT alternatives is that each character has a distinct conversational manner to which the AI adapts.

Character AI

For instance, during my chat with Kanye, the AI gave egotistical responses, while Socrates provided calm ones. Character AI also features a microphone input and can talk back in different voices, depending on the character selected.

Designing your own character on Character AI is an enjoyable experience as you can customize it to your liking, including their name, greeting, voice, description, and even avatar. The AI has an in-built image generator that helps you create your avatar.

Once the design process is complete, you can begin chatting immediately and even share it with others. However, compared to ChatGPT and other comparable services, Character AI does seem to be a bit slower. Although Character AI is free to use, you must create an account since the chat gets locked after a few messages.


YouChat is an AI chatbot that is used the most among ChatGPT alternatives. It is integrated with a search engine of the same name and is based on an advanced ChatGPT model. The bot equipped to have conversations and can access the internet, making it capable of providing up-to-date and precise information, not just through chat but also alongside search results.

Interacting with YouChat is extremely easy. Simply go to the chat page, enter your query, and start chatting. Like ChatGPT, YouChat is capable of providing a wide range of information. It can answer your questions, write code, offer advice, explain complex concepts, summarize books, and much more.


However, the bot occasionally may have trouble providing an answer and will mention that it cannot do so now. YouChat is completely free to use and can be accessed on its website. YouChat, unlike other AI chatbots, doesn’t come with additional features such as mic input, chat sharing, or personalities.

Nonetheless, its updated info bank compensates for these limitations, ensuring the bot answers your queries accurately. The best part is that YouChat is entirely free to use; all you need to do is visit the website and start chatting.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women and holds a Bachelors in English Literature. She is a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in multiple niches.


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