Select the Car Number of your own Choice – Vanity Number Plates


Now, people who own car can buy the number plates of their own choice. Punjab Taxation and Excise Department is set to launch vanity number plates for automobiles of the owner’s choice. A few months ago, in a previous year Excise department had started the movement for a month in which the officials removed the number plates of those cars which didn’t have a Punjab government logo. Those number plates were not given by the department.

People will be able to select the number of their choice along with their favorite name and picture of anything or person to show on the number plates for their vehicles. Punjab Government is rapidly adopting technology in all departments to give facility and ease. Excise and Taxation Department has now adopted the technology and making a website and mobile application to register the number, both will be soon operational.

Along with websites department sets up six offices in Lahore to make people visit their nearby office for the registration. The offices the opened at Walton Road, DHA and Bund Road etc., people can now get benefit from the nearest office. Other than Lahore, Excise Department also set up their offices in other cities including Multan and Faisalabad etc. to let people easily register their vanity number for vehicles.  Furthermore, the Department has made four categories, in first two categories Gold and platinum the multinational companies can get the number. While under other two categories of Silver and Bronze, the citizens will get their desired vanity number plates.

However, this is the game of rich people as the Excise Department is inspired by the United States and the United Kingdom where they provide vanity numbers to earn money. The size of number plate for the car would be (520mm X 152mm, 372mm X 133mm) and the size of two wheeler is front 202mm X 65mm and rear 152mm X 130mm. moreover, the rickshaws will get 202mm X 152mm plates.

So, select your favorite number, name, and picture to set it on your vehicle and inspire others by your creativity.

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