No More Bookings for Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki is the largest automobile manufacturing company in Pakistan and every year meets the highest grossing from cars. Suzuki earns the huge amount from Wagon R last year. It was highly demanded car due to its modern style, inspiring outlook, and reasonable price. It comes in the beautiful design of 1.67 meters tall, measures 3.6 m and 1.47 m in length and width and built-in 998 cc engine. Its design and the economical rate increased its demand and people started making bookings rapidly which increased 141% sales of Suzuki in 2017.

Now, Suzuki has stopped new booking for Wagon R from 1st of February 2018. They temporarily stopping the booking but the consumers who already booked this car will be entertained and a car will be delivered to them. Suzuki gave two main reasons for the temporary suspension of booking Wagon R car.

The one reason they mentioned, they already have the huge list of booking and they will not be able to produce such units and fulfill the demands of consumers. They first need to clear the existing orders they already have as it was high in demand last year and can’t fulfill the extra needs right now.

The second reason could be that they want to divert the attention of consumers from Wagon R to new Suzuki Cultus which recently launched. This could be the sales trick of stopping the sale of Wagon R and introducing their new Cultus to bring it into demand. Moreover, this new Suzuki Cultus is high in rate comparatively Suzuki Wagon R. this strategy of diverting minds from Wagon R might not work.

However, there is not any official news out about the suspension of Wagon R as they remain silent but is considered to be a strategy to let people attracted to their other stuff. So, you need to wait for little more to book your new car Wagon R soon.

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