Shazeal Shoukat – Biography, Dramas, Family and More

A rising star of the Pakistani drama industry, Shazeal Shoukat has slowly but surely made a name for herself. After picking up drama after drama, she has made a huge fan following across the country. The young actress came into the scene in 2019 and since then she has become an integral part of the industry.

Shazeal Shoukat

Shazeal got her debut with a hit drama on ARY Digital and since then she has had three more dramas. Known for beautiful good looks, she is slowly becoming a much loved and appreciated member of the drama industry by fans and critics alike.

Here is a closer look at Shazeal Shoukat’s life, career, and complete biography including her career.

Biography of Shazeal Shoukat


Shazeal Shoukat was born on 24th May 1997 in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, she is 25 years old and her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is the only one from her family to become part of the drama industry and her family fully supports her.

She currently lives in Karachi where she pursues her career as an actress. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, which is considered a good heigh for women in Pakistan. This has allowed her to get modeling jobs in the industry as well.

Family and Parentage

Shazeal Shoukat belongs to a very open-minded family. Her real name is Shiza Shoukat. While no one from her family is part of the showbiz industry, they have supported her through out her career and her choices.

They supported her when she decided to move from Canada and come back to Pakistan. While not much information has been revealed about her parents, it is known that they come from an affluent background. Shazeal has an older sister who is named Fahima Yousaf. Her sister is married already and supports Shazeal with her career decisions.


Shazeal Shoukat received her early education from Karachi. After completing her early education, Shazeal moved to Canada where she completed her degree in Fashion Designing from a university in Toronto, Canada.


Shazeal Shoukat is currently single and she does not have her sights on starting a relationship anytime soon. At the moment, she has her focus on her acting career and she is focused on that. Once the time is right, she will give the relationship her all.


Becoming an Actress

Shazeal Shoukat made her debut in 2019 with a hit drama on ARY Digital. After that, she took a slight break before making a comeback with another hit drama on ARY Digital. Apart from acting, Shazeal is a well-known model who has modeled for many brands in Pakistan.

Here is a complete list of all the dramas she has appeared in.

Year Title Channel
2019 Pakeeza Phupho ARY Digital
2020 Meri Mishaal ARY Digital
2021 Benaam ARY Digital
2022 Teri Rah Mein ARY Digital


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