How to Shop Smartly on Black Friday 2016


All the shopping geeks out there know that black Friday is near and are desperately waiting for it. You might be wondering how to make the most out of, what and what not to shop and etc. Let’s take a look at the hacks that might prove beneficial while shopping on black Friday.


Firstly, and most importantly you got to set aside the money that you are planning on spending. Enlist the items you need cross check them with your money and see what you can get. Prioritize things you need most and least.

War strategy 

Well shopping on discount and that too on biggest shopping day of the year is no less than war. You got to develop the game plan on how to beat others and get your things before they run out of stock. Check out the stores for the items they provide and most discounting hours they have, then prioritize those stores according to items you need. Go to the stores that have items that are on top of your list.

Get up early

This is the last day that you want to get up late on. Most of the retailers open at thanksgiving midnight, just take a walk to the store, check out and buy stuff you need and avoid getting in the long lines.


Tip: Avoid falling asleep in the store


Online search

Best way to keep track of prices of products is to check prices of them online. Start checking websites for the prices of their products and see how they change, compare them with other websites and see the difference. That you can know which stores are offering best deals and how the prices differ.

Keep your cool


Crowds and people rushing in and out of stores on black Friday can irritate anyone. Try not to argue with anyone, it will only waste your time and you might miss out on great deals.

Hope you make the most out of it.

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