Spectrum Trading Allowed For Telecom Operators


Telecom operators can now perform spectrum trading. Surplus spectrum of a telecom company can now be traded to another company. Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities have published the guidelines for spectrum trading.

As per ” Spectrum trading framework”, telecom companies can now buy and sell up to 75% spectrum. Companies who are providing 3G and 4G services can also exchange the spectrum if they wish to.

What is spectrum trading?

Now, some of you may not have an idea of what spectrum trading is. So, let’s find out

As you all know that certain telecom operator can provide you certain internet speeds. For example Zong provides a 4G speed of around 40mbps while Telenor provides considerably low internet speed. So, with this trading, Zong will be able to sell their specific spectrum to other telecom companies (If they have excess of it).

A technical definition of this would be,

” Each telecom company is assigned a different, exclusive spectrum and now with this treaty they can sell/buy excessive spectrum from other telecom companies”

What’s in it for you?

According to experts, this thing will ensure better services to the daily customers. You will be able to enjoy better internet speeds and better telecom services. You should be able to enjoy un-interrupted telecom services now.

What’s in it for Telecom companies?

Well, spectrum trading will grow the profits of telecom companies. They can now capitalise on the excess spectrum that they have and increase their profits.

Basically its a win-win situation for both customers and service providers and this is surely a first step in the process of technological development.

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