State Bank of Pakistan Grants EMI License to NayaPay

Naya Pay is the first banking service provider that got commercial approval from the State Bank that was pending for a long time. With this step, the future of Pakistan has been revolutionized on various levels.

Now, while sitting at home, you can shop online from various big sites, and what can be better than this? It is providing you services of creating a digital wallet that will include Visa debit cards to make your daily payments safe and secure.

Want to know more about this amazing service? Let’s go in-depth and discuss what it actually is and what is the aim of Naya Pay.

Naya Pay

Naya Pay Features

A few years ago, the CEO of Naya Pay Danish A. Lakhani decided to come up with this service that would be great for underbanked citizens. For many years, they did wait for the approval of State Bank which they finally got. With Naya Pay, you can build your digital wallet account on your mobiles.

It will require a few easy steps and then you will be able to shop online from various prominent sites including Amazon. You only need to provide your CNIC while creating an account. After sign up, start online shopping from all international websites from your Visa virtual card.

However, if you want that card physically, it will be reached at your place without any payment.

Naya Pay Aim

The main motive behind Naya Pay is to improve the commerce business of Pakistan and to make it more secure and progressive. With this step, the commerce field can become fast and accessible. Furthermore, it is a budget-friendly digital platform that doesn’t cost much.

With Naya Pay, you can have complete control of your payment while sitting at home. It will help you to develop more interaction with your businesses. Now money transfer will no longer remain a complication as with Naya Pay, it will become more fast and secure.

Additional Features

It is not limited to a single feature as you can get facilitated with much more. If you want to send money to your friends or loves ones, you would be able to do it faster with Naya Pay. Furthermore, you would be able to transfer funds to other bank accounts without visiting there.

Furthermore, this newely established company has collaborated with other big banks. If you are running a business be it small or big, you can easily transfer money to your wallet account. It also allows you to pay your monthly bills and make any type of purchase.

Future Plans

Now with the State bank approval, they will come with more features in order to expand the business. Furthermore, they are working to grant financial management tools and payments acceptance on a digital level to medium and small enterprises.

They will make sure to improve the commerce business of Pakistan so that it becomes more secure, powerful, and fast.

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