Suzuki Cultus 2017 vs Swift – Similarities and Differences


We have been hearing a lot of rumours about new Cultus and how it is going to be different from the older one and all. There has been quite some debate over the similarities and differences between Suzuki Cultus vs Swift. Well finally 2017 model is out and it has got people talking.

Suzuki is the holder of almost 50% of the automobile market in Pakistan. And they have introduced new vehicles time and time again. Cultus has been around for a pretty long time now and new models have been introduced with little changes and up-gradation. However this time Cultus got a complete shape change. It has shifted from somewhat rather long design to more like Suzuki Swift. Some people think they just look the same. Let’s take a look at how Cultus and Swift compare against each other.

Cultus (left) vs Swift (right)
Cultus (left) vs Swift (right)


  • Talking about length, Cultus 2017 is 3600 mm long while Swift is 3755 mm long.
  • Cultus has a width of 1600 mm while Swift is 1690 mm wide.
  • Cultus has a height of 1540 mm while Swift has 1525 mm.
  • Both of these cars have a seating capacity of 5 persons, no difference here.
  • Both cars have 4 doors
  • Both have 4 number of cylinders.

Other similarities between these cars include:

  • Both have 4 cylinders
  • Both have alloy wheels
  • Both are power assisted with electronic power steering.
  • Both have air conditioner and power windows and power steering

There are few dissimilarities between Cultus and Suzuki too that are

  • One good thing about this new Cultus is extra passenger safety, it has two air bags unlike Swift which doesn’t have any.
  • There is no central locking in new Cultus while Suzuki has it.
  • Cultus 2017 is manual while Swift is automatic
  • Cultus has 5 gears while Swift comes with four.

That’s it, both have some differences and some similarities.

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