Suzuki Launched Finance Arrangement Program- Full Details

All About Suzuki Finance Arrangement Program

Suzuki Motor Company is a Pakistani affiliate of Japanese Automaker and also the distributor of cars in Pakistan as well as in foreign divisions. Suzuki cars are categorized among the most popular brands of all vehicles in Pakistan due to their high quality and affordability. Suzuki launched a new Suzuki Finance Arrangement Program that is the most convenient and free way of getting your car financed. The mostly produced and sold cars are Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Swift and Cultus. Pak Suzuki and Bank Alfalah Ltd (Leading Auto Financing) bank have joined hands to provide this innovative Suzuki Financing program with multiple benefits.  Now you can apply online for car financing which has multiple benefits in Suzuki Finance Arrangement Program.

The benefits of getting your car financed through Suzuki Finance Arrangement Program are:

  • Quick & free processing
  • Equity on your ease
  • Lowest rates of Insurance
  • Priority Deliveries
  • With 3 Years Extended Warranty

Application Procedure

Select your Suzuki


Select Mode of Finance


Installment Info-(EMI Calculator)


File your Application


Take your Case


  1. Select Your Suzuki

Select any Suzuki Vehicle that you want to finance

  • WagonR in Rs.1, 074,000 PKR
  • Cultus in Rs.1, 270,000 PKR
  • Mehran in Rs.709, 000 PKR
  • Ravi in Rs.726, 000 PKR
  • Jimny in Rs.2, 293,000 PKR
  • Bolan in Rs.784, 000 PKR
  • APV in Rs.2, 418,000 PKR
  1. Select Mode of Finance

There are 3 types of financing modes select anyone of them of your own choice.

Conventional Financing

The benefits of conventional financing are Affordable mark-up rates, Quick loan processing, No charges on Car Replacement, Balloon Payment Options and 1 to 7 years of tenure options.

Deferred Insurance and Registration

If you have no cash or lower then Deferred Insurance and Registration plan is best. Pay the registration and insurance charges in Monthly Installments.

Residual Value Financing

Suzuki Finance Program providing ease to its customers to pay a lump sum balloon payment (up to 50% of total financed amount) at the end of tenure financing. The available models are WagonR, Mehran, Cultus, Swift, Vitara and Ciaz only on maximum financing of 5 years.

  1. Get Installment Estimate

Here is the information about the Installment procedure with EMI Calculator. Fill the details of Bank Al Falah, Mode of Finance, Select Vehicle, Vehicle Version & Color etc.

4. File Your Application

At this point here is the complete form of Personal Details, Professional Details and Vehicle and Finance Details. Fill this form completely and correctly.

5. Track your Case

You can track your Application by entering your Case ID and CNIC.

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