How to Register a Company in Pakistan (Step by Step Guide)


The Complete Procedure of how to Register a Company in Pakistan

When you start a new business or launches a new company, the first thing came to mind is Registering the company. To illegally running the business in Pakistan, its necessary to register a company. Otherwise, the government department reserves the right to ban your company any time. The process of registering a company in Pakistan is quite simple. If you indulge in the procedures of lawyers and agents, then you are surely gonna waste your money and time too. To avoid the fraudulent activity of an agent, you need to know the complete procedure of registering the company in Pakistan.

Register a Company in Pakistan:

To Register a Company in Pakistan, follow all the steps exactly it described and get your job done in less time and money.

1. Choose Name of Business:

First of all, choose the name of your business that others don’t have. Further, make a letterhead, visiting card and stamp for your business.

2. Get Business Registered:

To register the name, find the SECP official site and follow the further procedure.

  • First of all, go to the SECP official site
  • Then, create an account in the portal and login to it
  • After that, select fast-track registration number. This is when you want urgent service.
  • Later, the online form will be shown and you have to fill it carefully
  • After completing the form proofread once and submit it carefully
  • Now, take the print of the fee challan and submit to MCB or UBL Bank.

3.NTN Number Registration:

Now, you have to register a NTN number for the name you have already reserved for your business.

  • Firstly, login to the e-portal of Federal Board of Revenue
  • Secondly, there will be a form which includes different fields to be filled
  • Then, provide all the information correctly and submit the application form

3. Required Documents:

Following documents are required for the online registration and for final procedures. Make sure you have all these valid documents before applying.

  • Original CNIC number
  • The cell number (make sure you have registered the phone against the same CNIC)
  • Valid and active email address
  • The personal bank account
  • Evidence of original business premise (if you have a business)
  • Paid utility bill original

4. Final Procedure:

  • After the registration, you will be informed about email and password though provided email address
  • Then, you have to complete the further enrollment. Please mention the name of the business on the letterhead while submitting the application
  • Now, you have become a business name owner and have successfully registered your company.

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