TazaMart’s Performance Overview in the E-commerce Market

The success of e-commerce has given rise to multiple online start-ups in Pakistan. Online grocery shopping is most successful among all online shopping ventures in the market. With more than a dozen online shopping platforms for grocery who compete for a chunk of market share in all the major cities of Pakistan, TazaMart tops them all. It is one of the best online grocery shopping start-ups among many others known for its better performance as compared to others in the market.

Increasing Number of Online Grocery Stores

E-Commerce in Pakistan is on the verge of becoming a massive industry in the business world. The expanding e-commerce market includes about 20 online grocery stores in the country. Most of them ran out of business over time due to poor maintenance and only a few made it to the top. TazaMart is among the very few online grocery store that managed to gain popularity in such a short time.

Despite all this, there are still 15 names in the industry selling grocery through virtual stores. Based on their performance and ranking, TazaMart is the market leader in online grocery shopping. Recent statistics show that it is doing well in the business with a better ranking than most start-ups in the region.

Alexa ranks TazaMart.pk at a position of 1,330 in Pakistan while its biggest direct and indirect competitors are far find in performance and ranking. In less than a year TazaMart has achieved many milestones due to exceptional service.

Traffic and Search Statistics on TazaMart

TazaMart enjoys high online traffic, almost close to its biggest competitor with slight difference due to a few variables. The online grocery shopping store attracts over 20,000 potential buyers and visitors online while other online grocery stores garner half the amount of traffic and visitors to their stores. Thus, TazaMart appears on the first page of Google’s search engine results and enjoy a top-most position.

Aside from generating high online traffic, TazaMart has a strong social media marketing strategy comprising of impressive visual content for its viewers. One can always find something interesting going on TazaMart’s page. If you are looking for the most recent discount deals on TazaMart, then social media is the best place to find amazing deals.

Vast Product Choice and Inventory

TazaMart beats all its competitors with a vast product selection and huge inventory. There are over 25,000 products in total distributed among various categories and sub-categories. You can choose from household, frozen, food, personal care, baby care, pet food, beverages and much more.

When it comes to price differentiation, TazaMart beats all the online grocery shops with its amazing pricing terms and product availability. The virtual store pays special attention on all the major grocery items and sell them at economical price ranges.

Amazing Shopping Experience

TazaMart features a simple user interface with a responsive design powered by WordPress. Everything from search bar, filters, mobile responsiveness, check out and registration forms provide a smooth shopping experience. There are no glitches and bug in the system as it has been functioning efficiently for the last few months since its establishment.

It’s also good in responding to live chat and queries coming from the website and social media. Users don’t have to wait for long to get a reply from TazaMart’s customer support. Cherry on top, buyers enjoy fast delivery service through TazaMart’s in-house fleet of cars for door step delivery.

While the market of online grocery shopping is still making progress, TazaMart tops the competition with quality service and offerings to present itself as the market leader. It holds a huge market share in online grocery shopping while most start-ups in the same business are still trying to deliver a quality service.

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