Newly Launched Pamper Pants in Pakistan

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful feeling any women can feel but with that there are lots of things a mother has to manage regarding her little child. Among those things, putting on or changing pamper of a baby is not less than a war a mother has to face many times in a day as a baby is not always willing to put on pamper so it tries its best to run away from it or to annoy his/her mother. Due to this a mother may be unable to nicely put a pamper on her baby and it may loosen after some time when baby crawl or make other movements. This thing can make a lot of mess that can be difficult for a mother.

girls_pack_shotTo keep this problem of mothers in mind, a well pamper producing company of Pakistan has recently launched pamper pants all over the Pakistan that are really very easy to put on in a one go. Now all mothers of the pamper wearing babies can say no to fussy pamper changes as now they have one go hassle free solution to changing times when their baby is moving around. These pamper pants fits like an underwear but protects like pamper. Now you and your baby can feel very comfortable in dealing with this pamper put on problem.

What’s New?

• Stretchy sides
• Easy tear-down side panels
• Best for quick changing
• Unique extra dry layer
• 12 hours absorbency
• Extra two pants in each standard carry pack

key_visual-1These pampers pants are those you will surely love even their price is little high but to accommodate this, company also give two free pamper pants when you go to buy one pamper pant standard carry pack. So mothers now you can easily change stinky pamper of your baby even if it is not cooperating with you at changing time.

Aisha Rajpoot
Aisha Rajpoot
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