Tecno revealed Phantom X Launch Date in Pakistan


It seems like the next month August will going to be a launch of new models of mobile phones. If you are a fan of the Tecno smartphone, you will soon be going to witness a new model Phantom X with additional features and a captivating display. Sounds exciting? Yes, it does. Now, it’s time to change your phone asap.

A few days ago, Tecno revealed that this new smartphone will launch in August, and since then, we are waiting for the day when it will actually happen. To be honest, I have always been a fan of Tecno company because of its sleek design and every feature one needs in a phone. Let’s move ahead and talk about what this phone holds.

Phantom X

Phantom X Features

It comprises various modern and required features that would motivate us to get our hands on this beauty as soon as possible. The feature that seizes our attention first is its sleek design. It has a 3D Screen borderless, while the cover is another attractive feature it holds. The silk glass cover is everything we adore about this phone.

Everyone would agree with me on the point that we are always concerned about the camera whenever we go for a new phone. Isn’t it?

So, people, the good news is that this phone combines an 8MP ultra-wide back camera, a 50MP Ultra camera for Night, a 48MP Ultra camera for Selfie, and a 13MP for a portrait. Well, we can’t get any better thing than this. Hence, you can’t doubt the performance of the camera.

Let’s have a look at the other specifications that will give you a clear idea that either to go for this phone or not.

 Screen 3D borderless screen
Camera 50MP Ultra-Night camera

13MP portrait camera

48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie camera

8MP ultra-wide back camera

Display 6.7” Super AMOLED
Screen Resolution 1080p+ resolution
Memory 8+256GB large
Release Date: August 2021
Back Cover silk glass back cover


HiOS 7.6 is a newly updated system that gives you another level of experience. Millions of users throughout the world use HiOS 7.6 right now that’s which you must think about this new device that might be reasonable and in everyone’s range.

However, this phone will launch in August, yet there is no final date given by the Tecno company. Still, we are hoping that we will be soon able to witness this phone anytime soon.

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