A Teenager Died Due to Explosion of Nokia Smartphone


A teenage girl from India died due to an explosion of her Nokia smartphone. The 18 years old girl was talking to her relative while charging the phone. She plugged her smartphone into charging and kept on talking. The phone got the blast and injured her badly and she died before taking to the hospital.

The girl name was Uma Oram and her brother Durga Prasad confirmed the news that he saw her talking on a phone while charging but was not with her at the time phone exploded. This explosion effected on her legs, chest, and hand and she got unconscious and was taken to hospital where the doctors confirmed that she got expired due to terminal injuries.

It is said that it might happen due to the battery overheating issue and the phone might be HMD Global Nokia 3310 or Nokia 5233. This is not confirmed yet but this is confirmed that it was HMD Nokia which aroused many questions on Nokia after this incident.

However, the company denied the claim and said that phone was not manufactured by the company or it might be the replica version of Nokia 3310 or 5233. The replica phones are available at low prices in the market and the manufacturers used the cheap quality battery which turned the phone overheated instantly or it might be happened due to the defected charger which was plugged to the phone.

Previously, there was the issue of batteries in iPhone which was solved by replacing the batteries. In China, the phone exploded last month at the retailer’s shop while checking it but the person was fortunately got saved. Despite, this time the explosion took the life of a girl and raised many questions about the quality of smartphones. This issue is still under investigation that which thing caused the explosion or the phone was replica or not.

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