YouTube Introduces “Go Live” Feature Direct from Desktop and Mobiles


After the successful feedback on Facebook and Instagram Live feature, YouTube now introduces the Go Live feature for its You Tubers. The users can now set up their live streaming direct from their desktop or mobile phones without any additional equipment. There will be no need for downloading any encoding software, what you need to do is to click Go Live button placed on to the header and go live without any hurdle.

This new update makes the life easier of You tubers, previously they need to record the video, edit it and upload or if they wanted to go live the You Tubers had to add some content and send the video to YouTube after that they allow you to go live. Now, this makes things easier and simpler. YouTube used Facebook live and Instagram Live for the rapid videos but now they have the same option on YouTube.

Moreover, YouTube is also planning to set up this feature in a way which will make you live right from the camera app of your mobile phone. YouTube said, “Our goal is to bring this feature to even more device manufacturers throughout the year through the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link.”

This will be more helpful for beauty tutorials, product reviews and for the personal updates for the followers. The popular You Tubers are so much happy n this new update, it is like the dream come true for them to go live directly from webcam, it made things rapid for them.

The important thing about this new feature is that YouTube will first verify your identity with a phone number and check the details about your previous activity on YouTube to avoid any inappropriate stuff. It might take 24 hours to go live for the first time but once you get verified you can instantly go live anytime.

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