Telenor 4G Devices Monthly Packages – Subscription & Charges

Here are the Complete Details of Telenor Devices Internet Packages (Telenor Internet Packages)

Telenor is best at providing mobile as well as devices internet all over Pakistan. When we talk about the 3G and 4G devices of Telenor, no one can compete with it. They are offering a diverse range of Telenor Devices Internet Packages which are awesome and provide internet services at reasonable prices. Telenor has introduced their various internet devices including wingle, wifi, and mifi with 3G and 4G variants. Moreover, all these devices have different data packages as well as various prices.Telenor Devices Internet Packages

Telenor Devices Internet Packages:

Here are the complete details of all the Telenor 4G Devices Packages including both 3G and 4G devices. Check here the latest one and choose the best one according to your need and budget.Telenor Devices Internet Packages

Telenor 3G Dongle:

Here are various monthly packages which are available at different prices as well as data volume. The validity of all these packages are 30 days and further details are as follow:

  • For 3 GB data volume, the price is 300 rupees.
  • Moreover, for 10 GB data volume, the price is 750 rupees.
  • For 20 GB data volume, the price is 1100 rupees.
  • For 30 GB data volume, the price is 1500 rupees.

Telenor 3G Wi-Fi Connect:

This 3G device will be aimed at providing best ever internet experience to you. The device will provide the fastest internet connect at the 21 MBPS speed. Moreover, you can avail this data package at rupees 1,000 PKR and the validity is 30 days.

Telenor 3G Mi-Fi:

If you want the device version of internet package for your mobile, then Telenor Mi-Fi package is best for you. You can subscribe to this package for 3500 PKR for a whole month.

Telenor 3G Wi-Fi:

This device also has various data packages with variant prices and data volume. The validity of each data package is 30 days.

  • 10GB data volume at price of 750 PKR
  • 12GB data volume at price of 1000 PKR
  • 25GB data volume at price of 1500 PKR
  • 30GB data volume at price of 1600 PKR
  • 55GB data volume at price of 2200 PKR
  • 100GB data volume at price of 3800 PKR
  • 75GB data volume at price of 4000 PKR

Telenor 4G Wingle:

This Telenor 4G Devices data package has the following bundles which are available at various prices and data rate.

  • 4G Monthly Lite: 25 GB Data at 1500 PKR
  • 4G Monthly Smart: 55 GB Data at 2200 PKR
  • Monthly Value: 100 GB Data at 3800 PKR
  • 4G Monthly Lite: 180 GB Data at 6000 PKR

Telenor 4G Mi-Fi:

This Telenor amazing offer is available for the whole month and you can subscribe to this at just rupees 3,000 PKR.  You will be able to connect more than 16 devices with it and it’s really awesome.

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