Telenor Pakistan Launched |Industry-First Customer Integration Lab 2018


Industry-First Customer Integration Lab by Telenor Pakistan (Details)

Telenor Pakistan Group is the most customer centric businesses and largest mobile operators in Pakistan offering the best services of calls, messaging, Internet and much more. Now Telenor launched an industry-first customer integration lab in its campus 345. Through industry-first customer integration lab customers can give more suggestions and feedback about its services. It is launched in Telenor Pakistan headquarters 345 for testing the services through selected customers.

Purpose of Industry-First Customer Integration Lab

The purpose behind Customer Integration Lab is to serve the best services to its customers. By involving them they may become a direct part of product’s development and testing phases.

Details of Industry-First Customer Integration Lab

In Customer Integration Lab the user experience and the main point that needs improvements should be tested. The innovative ideas, services and products would also be implemented for the customers.

Before this, Telenor involved the third party for the testing process but now Telenor Pakistan launched industry-first customer integration lab in house. The advantage of industry-first customer integration lab is that it increases the efficiency level and the feedback would be checked by the Telenor itself. Now there is no need to involve any third party for testing.

Products & Services by Telenor Pakistan

The Telenor in-house lab will offer to test its services by selected users to serve them the best and most demanding services than earlier.

The tested products and services would be as:

  • Mobile apps
  • Websites
  • Services portals
  • Digital services
  • GSM products as USSD menus
  • Touch-points
  • User journeys

Testing Process of Products & Services

Bilal Kazmi the Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Pakistan said “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Telenor Pakistan”. Telenor always puts its users first in all its services all the time.

  • A selected no. of users from Telenor Pakistan Departments will be called to Telenor’s Customer Integration Lab.
  • The company will provide them the product or service for use.
  • Then the users can register themselves and give feedback about the specified service or product.
  • If company feels the need, then they can held interview with users for getting feedback and suggestions.
  • Telenor’s Customer Integration Lab is open for all Telenor clients from any part of the group for use for interactive testing of their services.
  • There are 289 technologically walk-in centers in all over the Pakistan.
  • The availability of to talk to customers on Customer First days for introduction, 24 hours Self-Service Booths are placed in main cities of Pakistan.

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