Tesla Autopilot – the Future of Automobile Industry

Safe to say “The future is here”, don’t get me wrong I am not talking about aliens taking over earth or UFOs flying everywhere or humans going on trips to other galaxies, what I am talking about is Tesla autopilot, a system Tesla motors has introduced in its cars.

You might be familiar with autopilot mode in airplanes, where pilots can push the button and sleep and do whatever well you can do that in cars too. I am not talking about Pakistanis, we are still way behind.


Think about the possibilities, I mean you can just put your car on autopilot mode and just take a nap or play video games or have dinner with your girlfriend, mind the bumpers there some roads got them.


It is a major breakthrough in tech industry and Tesla planned it way before. In 2014 they put cool things in cars like sensors, cameras and everything that didn’t seem of any use at that time. What these things did was that they collected loads of data and find patterns and stuff. Later on after a year for an extra amount of $4,250 people having these cars with these sensors received a software update that enabled them to not let anyone or even themselves to drive their own cars. This update put all those sensors in work and made driving driver-less. The cars can now adjust speed, change lanes and even park themselves just with a tap on screen.

The update was named Tesla 7.0 but I guess the name ‘autopilot’ is catchy so people just stuck with it.

Wait no life isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows, it will beat you to the ground and blah blah, what I mean is that it’s not like Tesla’s autopilot is perfect, reports are that the cars can be hacked and some of them are even involved in accidents. Thing is it’s just a start and Tesla are working on glitches as we speak.

I just hope Pakistanis too build some roads and start their own automobile industry for starters and bring autopilot in this one.


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