How TIENS loots people by fraud


This company, TIENS might be a synonym to fraud, got to check the dictionary. Well everyone wants to make money no matter what hardships or shortcuts they need to go through to get to it. This is where innocent and poor people get fooled by the filthy ones.

This name TIENS was pretty famous few days back because they made money making look so easy. As you all know everyone loves easier was to earn, some dumb, I might say, people got fooled by that glittering offerings. They offered people to get memberships for selling their certain products. The membership didn’t come for free, you had to pay certain amount of money for it. Then you had to pay more money to advance in the hierarchy like around 40,000 rupees to become a 3 star distributor. It’s not like they were paying you money in return you still had to do work for them. You had to buy products from them and sell those products to other people. That doesn’t seem an easy way of making money to be honest, I mean I can’t even convince someone to come play cricket with me I don’t know how people signed up for selling huge products.

Anyway paying money wasn’t the only way of becoming the higher rated distributor. You could also get points for bringing in new people. That is their fraud wasn’t just limited to a specific number of people, they wanted more and they used the people who already got fooled to bring in new fools. One thing we learnt fools attract fools.
Well I guess you haven’t really learnt how they fooled people. They took money from poor people and in return promised jobs and bonuses after every second month. They gave those people some products to sell. It seems simple right? Like pay money, get product, sell it, get bonus, well geniuses it isn’t that simple. They took money from people and ran away just like that! *doesn’t seem so attractive now when you see your money disappearing like that right?*

One thing in Pakistan is that you really can’t get money out of people’s pockets. So they decided to use religion for it, that’s right. We are kind of obsessed with religion, which is a good thing in a context, anyways. Firstly people thought it’s an easy job and you will be getting more money in an easy way without doing hard work, some even thought of it as interest issue, which is forbidden it Islam. So TIENS decided to use religion to convince people. They said it was HALAL to earn money this way and even showed the wrong fatwas issued by frauds, well most people went for it and got a bitter taste at the end. Later on some people also issued fatwa that it was haram to earn money that way, don’t know if it is true or not.

We just hope that whoever was involved in this scam gets arrested and innocent and poor people get their money back. And you would be the dumbest person on Earth if you still decide to go for TIENS to make money even after reading all this crap.

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