Psychological Hacks That Will Make You socially Likeable


    Want to improve the outcome of any social interaction? Want to be instantly likeable? Want our friends and others agree with you, listen to you and even follow you? Use these psychological hacks and you will get your desired result.

    so let’s begin and have a looks at these amazing psychological hacks that will do wonders for you.

    1- The Benjamin Franklin Effect

    A theory was proposed by a renowned author and a scientist Benjamin Franklin that;

    We tend to like someone to whom we have done a favor for. This is because we tend to justify our actions by making ourselves believe that we did the favor because we liked that person

    so, if you want someone to like you just ask a favor from them.. but remember ask only a small favor and not a significant request otherwise you will end up disappointed.

    2- The Pratfall Effect

    According to this theory,

    If you are a perfectionist and you tends to do every thing just perfect, then to increase you likeability you have to make an error every once in a while.

    seems messed up right? But it’s true. Remember this trick will only work if you are a perfectionist.

    3- Maintaining An Eye Contact During Conversation

    This is the most essential hack. While talking to someone you care about, maintain an eye contact. it will show that you are actually interested in talking.


    Keep in mind that Our eyes are the windows to our soul. Even looking at someone can have a great impact.

    4- Mirroring- Use Body Language

    Sometimes our body language says what we really want to say. Words can lie but your gestures don’t. Whilst talking with someone important use your gestures to show that you are an active listener. Also, it is important to hold a good posture while having a an important conversation.

    psychological-hacks-25- Be Yourself

    You are special, unique a one of a kind. It’s better to be yourself rather than trying to be like someone else. No one can replace you and whilst some people may not like you but it’s better to be with someone who like you for who you are.

    If you find this article helpful please share these amazing psychological hacks so that every one can benefit from them.

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