Top 10 Best Pakistani OST/Drama Songs So Far


Looking back to have a flashback of successful and mind-blowing Pakistani drama serials, including Humsafar, Khaani, Udari and many more, all were brimmed with brilliant performances, romance, drama and unforgettable dialogues, but for one second, imagine these blockbuster dramas without their OST songs, they would have incomplete and soul-less touch in their success. But yeah, we have also witnessed fantastic title songs of few drama serials, which have faded in first episodes, but leave an ever-lasting impression in hearts of audiences.Without blabbing unnecessarily; today we are about to blog-roll the first-rate list of Top 10 Best Pakistani OST/Drama Songs So Far, based on public appreciation and Million of views on YouTube.

(Note: The list of Top 10 Best Pakistani OST/Drama Songs So Far is particularly focusing on romantic and sad OST genre, which have played great role in making the romantic drama serials superb capturing the memorable and engaging moments of all episodes.)

10- Diyar-e-Dil OST

The original sound track of this spectacular drama whose story revolves around respect, love and relationships of modern times is worthy listening for its touchy lyrics in Urdu and Persian language, which altogether narrates the emotions of broken heart seeking for peace and hope soon. Winning the title of Best Original Soundtrack for Shani Arshad for two times i.e. 4th Hum Awards and 15th Lux Style Awards, the OST has earned huge appreciation in 2015.

9- Pyarey Afzal OST

The one-sided love drama which is epitome of misery and agony of unrequited love is also known for its title track, beautifully sung by Waqar Ali.

8- Khuda Aur Muhabbat OST (2011)

Falling in love with a human to feel the existence of Creator, is what can be sensed in the title song of this romantic drama serial, based on one of top selling Urdu novel.

7- Mann Mayal OST

Without a shadow of doubt, this drama serial was a disaster at screen with no logical story and director failed to connect the hearts of audiences with main characters, but it will be injustice to ignore its beautiful title track sung by talented QB! The singer who is known for its soulful voice has justified the emotion of capturing the intense flush of a first love to tear-jerking breakup in relationships.

6- O Rangreza Ost

A beautiful blend of classical music and melodious voice of Sajal Aly, not a professional singer at! Yes, that makes the song so organically worthy of listening, full of life and love vibes that comes to perfection with Sahir Ali Bagga’s composition.

5- Deewana OST

Revolving around a supernatural entity falling in love with a mere human, this modern Romeo-Juliet fairytale could not impress the masses, but the title sound of this fantasy drama is remake of Arabic Ghazal, making it romantic sufi song of modern era worth to be listened for slow n soft feel of love.

4- Shehr e Zaat OST

Based on novel, the drama has hit the cord of every heart after its release, displaying the spiritual romantic story of a girl lost in materialistic world and love of a man, eventually realizing the fact that there is no other pure love except of Creator. Apart from its inspirational message, what makes the drama still alive in memories is its title track, sung by Abida Parveen, spectacularly giving soul and life to each lyric, still having the potential to give goose bumps while listening.

3- Humsafar OST

Whether you are in love or ever fell in love, the title song of Humsafar song is not one to be faded away after its last note! In voice of QB, the track expresses the hopeless yet painful feelings of a girl for her beloved, which deserves to be in playlist of every broken heart.

2- Zindagi Gulzar Hai OST

Here comes a happening title song of one of the hit drama ever of Pakistan, which is critically appreciated for best dialogues and performances on TV screen. Along with its brilliant story, the title song is full of life, crisp and romance that can be listened any time. (Note: The drama has two versions, male and female version, happy and sad themed respectively.)


If we list the best OST of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, there will have to be a separate catalogue, no matter if it’s sad or romantic, so making it easy for music lovers, it is crucial to mention the fact that all OST of Pakistani drama serials sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan tops the list of Top 10 Best Pakistani OST/Drama Songs So Far.

(Note: Title song of Khaani drama serial, sung by Rahat Saab has crossed 10 million views on YouTube, to become first ever Pakistani’s OST.)

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