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The school education is very crucial in building the life of any student as it provides the base education on which whole education relies. This thing must be kept in mind by the parents while selecting school for their child and if you are also in search of best school for your child being residential of Lahore, here is the list of top ten schools of Lahore that not only provide best education to students but also consider the child grooming and base building their utmost responsibility.

Lahore Grammar School


Here is a list of all campuses of Lahore Grammar School in Lahore. You can find Address and contact details here.


Lahore Grammar School is a Landmark project ,fully equipped with all equipment’s and modern technology. It is a coeducational school system with lots of branches in Lahore. It supports O and A levels education and has its own student council to guide them properly in all aspects. It is one of those educational institutions that indulge their students in all types of co-curricular activities to make them alive in all aspects of life. In this modern era
LGS is top leading school with affordable fee structure even for middle income families.

Lahore American School

  • 15 Canal Bank Road, Upper Mall ,Lahore
  • Tel: +92 423 576 2406/7/8


The Lahore American school is highly selected school in Lahore due to its international system of education. LAS serves students from pre-school to grade 12.With mission statements like “Preparing For the future” and beliefs like “Learning comes first” this school can be a best learning place for your child with affordable fee structure and high quality education.

Beacon House




Beacon house school system is a school system of international standard with aim to provide quality education to its students through quality training, teaching and management.The beacon house group is running its system in 8 countries that are Pakistan, Oman,Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, UK and Belgium.It is a top selected school by most of the parents who can afford it. This school supports education from pre-school level to Cambridge level and also provide scholarships to the deserving students.




Dar e Arqam school system is one of the biggest school systems not only in Lahore but in other cities of Pakistan also. With a unique way of providing modern education according to Islamic perspective Dar e Arqam has made many achievements not only in curricular but in co-curricular activities also. Dar e Arqam school system has a mission to provide their students highest quality education and groom their personality and sense of responsibility. This school system serves students from playgroup to grade 10 and is a best school for your child if you want your child to get modern education according to perspective of Islam.

PakTurk International school



PakTurk International school is a private chain of Turkish educational institutions with lots of branches in various cities of Pakistan.This school system provides international level education to all of its students from pre school to intermediate level. It is also registered with University of Cambridge international examinations to provide O and A levels studies to its students. With an aim to provide quality education to its students, this school provides friendly and stimulating environment where students can spend enjoyable time along with building their future.

The Educators


The Educators school system is a vast network of school systems with approximately 306 branches in Pakistan. This school serves students from pre-school level to secondary school level. The Educators put their full effort in providing fully trained teachers and best environment to their students so that they can study in a healthy environment. This school also allows its students to take part in extra-curricular activities for their confidence building so that they can actively perform and deal in all aspects of life. Hence, the Educators has also become a top choice of parents who want their children to get top level education.

Army Public School



Army Public school or (APSACS) is a best school especially for those students who have an army background or want to join army in their future life. Army public school has its 4 branches in Lahore at school level and is associated with federal board of education for examination system. This school serves the students from pre-school level to intermediate level . With a Motto “I shall rise and shine!” this school put its full effort to provide its students trained teachers and quality education and is most opted school by parents.

DHA Education System



DHA Education System is a well established Education System providing Academic excellence. Due to the colossal efforts of its trained and skilled teaching and non-teaching faculty it has made its mark in top educational systems not only in Lahore but in Pakistan.

At DHA Educational Institutions education is considered for all and it is believed that all children can succeed. This school system is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to students to reach their academic potential while preparing them for multiple roles in society. In educating the students, DHAES strive to meet their spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs and equip them with values, knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

This school system serves students from pre-school level to college level and also offers O & A levels education and can be a best school for your child.

Allied School



Allied school system or (Allied Group Of Schools) is working under the Punjab Group of Colleges. It has 400+ campuses spread all around in the 62 cities of Pakistan . Allied school system provided caring environment along with strong academic foundation to its students and focus on every individual child. With a purpose to prepare its students in an intellectual,physical, spiritual and social manner, this school provides quality education to meet the required educational standards of 21st century and is becoming top choice of parents for their children.

Aitchison School And College Lahore



Aitchison school system is a semi private boarding school for boys.It serves students from grade 1 to 13 and provide them high quality education. This school system also supports O & A levels education along with preparing them for university education. The core purpose of Aitchison school and College is to ensure that the boys acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes to become leaders and therefore the trained faculty of this school and college system strive to instill determination, adaptability and knowledge in each boy of their campuses.Hence, Aitchison is a top choice of parents who want their boys to study in challenging environment to make achievements in life.


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