Top 5 Best Medical Colleges /Universities in Islamabad & Rawalpindi


Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the twin cities are having a large number of public and private sector medical colleges and universities. A large number of MBBS doctors are produced from the colleges. These medical colleges in the twin cities have the profound impact on the economic growth of country. All of the institutes are supervised by highly professional and qualified figures. However it is not an easy task to get admission in these institutes. Here is the list of some of the best medical colleges of Islamabad & Rawalpindi:

Army Medical College:

Army Medical College, an institute of Pakistan Army was established in 1977. It is also known as AMC and was established to impart the undergraduate medical education to the eligible students. Currently college is affiliated with NUMS (National University for Medical Sciences). The college is best known for producing high quality doctors and PMDC has ranked it at second number in the top medical colleges list of Pakistan.


  • For NUST Cadets, it is Rs. 13,000 Per Month.
  • Paying Cadets, it is Rs. 3,000 Per Month.
  • Foreign cadets, it is Rs. 10,000 Per Month.

However all students pay Rs. 3,000 per month as accommodation charges.

Rawalpindi Medical College:

Rawalpindi Medical College,a public sector institute is also known as RMC. It is one of the leading medical institute in South Asia and is famous for imparting quality education. In PMDC recognized Medical Colleges list RMC is placed at 8th number.


1st year: Rs. 12709 per year

2nd year: Rs. 5565 per year

3rd year: Rs. 5765 per year

Foundation University Medical College, Rawalpindi:

Foundation University Medical College is successful in producing quality doctors and is becoming favorite to many. It is a private sector institute.


  • Rs. 913,100/-

Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi:

Islamic International Medical College is another good medical college in the twin cities. The college is ranked at 17th number in all the colleges of Pakistan. Despite of being the private institute, college has maintained its name as one of the quality education imparting institutes.


  • Rs. 1,038,100/-

Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad:

Shifa College of Medicine is always being successful in developing the competencies in their graduates. The institute is full of highly qualified professional and is a private sector institute.


  • Rs. 975,000/-

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