668 PTA (SIM Information System) – CNIC SIM Check 2024 Method

We all aware that how the availability of mobile phones increased in the past many years. Now, we can’t imagine to spend a day without them. Isn’t it? Unfortunately, with the maximum use of the cell phone, many illegal activities also came forward. Using SI Cards in order to generate illegal doings have high.

Hence, in order to control these activities the PTA came forward with a SIM Information system in order to tackle all those SIMS that have been issued on a single CNIC.

CNIC SIM Check 2024

If you want to know that how many SIMS have been issued on your CNIC, you are in the right place. Let’s move further and discuss it in detail to save yourself from future problem.

668 PTA (SIM Information System) - CNIC SIM Check

SIM Limit on a Single CNIC

In case you don’t know that there is a limit specified by the PTA on the total number of SIMS on a single CNIC. Yes, you can only issue 5 SIMS on your CNIC and if the number is going to exceed and you want another SIM on your CNIC you first need to block the previous Sims in order to generate a new one.

This step was taken by the PTA a long time ago in order to control illegal activities. Hence, 5 is the limit and you can’t exceed it.

Methods Of CNIC SIM Check 2024

It is one of the main concerns about which everyone should be aware of. You can do it in 2 different ways. Let’s put a light on each process in detail.

1st Method

If you want to check the number of SIMS issues on your CNIC, go to the official website of PTA that you can easily find on the internet. Once you enter the homepage, you will be asked to fill the basic information.

Now enter your CNIC number and click the enter option A detail list will be shown on your screens with the total number of SIMS registered on your CNIC.

2nd Method

The second method is also as easy as the first one. From your mobile phone, enter your CNIC number on the message bar and send it to 668. Within no time, you will get a message with a detailed list of all the numbers linked.

It is how, you can get an idea that how many total number of SIMS registered with your CNIC without even going here and there. however, from mobile phone, tax charges are applied.

How To Block SIM Card

Now if you want to register a new number and want to delete any number already registered, you can do it easily as well. Go to the nearby franchise and show your CNIC card to the operator. You will be asked to fill a form where you will enter that number that you want to block.

Once the form is filled with all the asked information, your number will no longer be registered on your CNIC.

Furthermore, you can access SIM Information system from the below mentioned link:



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