Top 10 Flopped Pakistan Drama Serials of All Time


Flop. Boring. Logic less. Pointless and Stupid. All such words cover the following Top 10 Flop Pakistan Drama Serials Of All Time, that have been a headache for audiences in their times respectively. Basically the handy list of flop drama serials includes baseless serials of 2010-2017, which are literally time-wasting to watch. Does it really happen with you that you start to watch a Pakistani drama with sheer excitement and end up turning off the TV or switching to cartoon network channel? Yeah, these Top 10 Flop Pakistan Drama Serials Of All Time will really make you tiresome and bored, having no sense at all.

So let’s begin the catalogue of Top 10 Flop Pakistan Drama Serials Of All Time, which force you to look at the wall clock, ceiling and walls of the room instead of watching the shit on TV screen.

1-Gul E Rana

Aired on hum TV channel, this drama drove many people crazy with its overacting and confusing story. The first episode starts with story of brave girl who turns into sulking baby in rest of the episodes, till last episode in which she again becomes a brave hearted heroine. Too much emotional scenes of Sajal Ali and idiotic acting of Feroze Khan makes the drama ‘Gul e Rana’ a bogus serial of all the time.

2-Mor Mahal

Premiered on Geo Tv, the drama literally remarked as cheap version of Turkish drama ‘The Magnificent Century’, was not even a drama serial. Geo TV took a stupid initial to make a fantasy drama for audiences, who are so not in mood to absorb fictional stories. Exotic jewelry and stunning-cum-royal clothes do not make a drama successful, that is what we have learned from Mor Mahal. A logical and strong story is needed to make a serial boom.

3- Bashar Momin

Featuring Faisal Qureshi, Ushna Shah and Sami Khan in lead role, the drama is most expensive serial of Pakistan. Somehow it lacks story and touch with the reality of our society. Romantic and thriller genre makes the drama watchable, but as soon as one starts to explore the story, it turns out a China version of Star plus serials. Or let calls it desi version of The Beauty and the Beast.

4- Dil Bhanjara

Slow pace and old-fangled dialogues made the drama a totally flop Pakistani serial. Triangle love story was all what tempted the audiences in the very first episodes, but later the script lacked details and sense in the drama. Bland narrative and unexplained dialogues makes it boring and amateur drama serial of its time.

5- Mann Mayal

Mann Mayal was literally heart-breaking for fans of Maya Ali and Hamza Abbasi. Having such a blockbuster OST sung by QB, the drama sank to fail for being slow and too much dramatic. In the first episodes, it portrayed love stories, in the middle there was family drama of financial gaps between the hero-heroine and later it turned into triangle love story and so much mumbo-jumbo… #meretomabaapbhinahihain.

6- Bhai

Sitting in front of mirror of wall would be highly suggested than watching the drama Bhai aired in A-plus Entertainment. The story is so much confusing that involves dominancy of big brother and melodrama of younger siblings and so on! Consisting of lame jokes in the initial episodes and depressing middle part ended in lady love of the lead role, making it not happening drama serial to watch.

7- Kala Jadu

Kala Jadu 1 and Kala jadu 2 aired on ARY Digital would be worse productions of the ARY channel. Loaded with melodrama of families, husband-wife and satanic rituals to avail worldly desires makes the drama too much orthodox to watch in such modern times.

8- Meri Dulari

Ughhhh! Geo TV must stop exploitation of emotional scenes to capture attention of audiences. Featuring problems of innocent girl, the drama failed to impress people for being brimmed with monotonous roles of Sana Askari and Sami Khan’s.

9- Adhuri Aurat

I wonder, who does really suggest such titles of drama serials in this age, when people are bound to watch Games of Thrones. Even the title is so much creepy, that puts off many people to waste time on dramatic series of mazloom aurat. Cut long story to short, the drama was just a triangle love story with lots of emotional scenes. That’s it and we recommend you to watch 1980’s hindi movies despite of wasting time on 27 episodes of adhuri aurat.

10- Kaash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti

The drama is for those people who got lot of free time to watch 200+ episodes of stupid drama that did not had any relevant story, dialogues and acting as well. The title of the drama suggests that it is another dramatic serial exploiting weak image of girls in our society that needs to stop now!

Tell us in comments, which boring and flop Pakistani Serials have been missed?

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