Top 10 Places You should Visit in Islamabad

Islamabad being the capital territory of the Pakistan is a worth visiting place. Islamabad is well-known for its modern community and best amusement places. Let us Introduce you some of the top visiting spots in Islamabad.

 Shah Faisal Masjid

Shah Faisal Masjid is the biggest mosque in Pakistan, Completed in 1986, it was outlined by a Turkish architect, molded like a desert Bedouin’s tent (Arabic Tent) with the four minarets which add to its beauty and make it as a notable image of Islamabad throughout the world.


 Daman -e- Koh

While touring on Daman -e- Koh one can appreciate the lovely site of the entire city. Tuck shops and snack bars add taste to an excursion.


Pakistan museum of Natural History

This museum is eminent among the students as well as tourists who want to discover the early mankind’s history and Animals.

Rawal Lake

The Rawal Lake is a rich amusement point for the vacationers. Rawal dam was built in this lake in 1962 which has a storage capacity of approximately 47,500-acre feet. Here tourists can appreciate fishing, picnic, and sailing.


The Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo is an exceptional and lovely picnic spot, particularly for the Children. Here are a number of creatures, birds, and assortment of species which adds an additional delight to this zoo.


Shakarparian Hills

Shakarparian is located near zero points; the most special thing about Shakarparian is that whenever any foreigner delegate comes in Pakistan he/she plants a tree as a symbol of peace and harmony among them.


Margalla Hills

This is the site designed by nature, especially for hikers. There are a lot of hiking tracks with suitable weather conditions.

Lok Virsa Museum

It is one of the most delightful museums in Pakistan which depicts the culture and exhibits living style of different areas in statues, pictures, pottery and textile work.

Pakistan Monument Museum

It is shaped like a blooming flower. Inside it, one can find a lot of reference books, and art which exhibits the history of Pakistan.


Pir Sohawa

Pir Sohawa is the rapidly developing resort, Especially the Monal restaurant gains attention because of its eye-catching beauty with taste.


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