Top 10 Worst Drama List of Pakistani Drama Industry

Top 10 Worst Drama List proved a biggest disappoint all the time

As Pakistani Drama Industry is considered best ever in the whole world. Unfortunately, some drama serials are the worst ever and become the biggest disappointment of the year. Even the dramas with an experienced cast and well-known writers, the dramas result in a flop. There are many reasons behind this such as poor story, weak acting, high expectations and many more. Today, I am sharing the Top 10 worst Drama List of Pakistani Industry.

Top 10 Worst Drama List:

Here is the of top 10 worst drama list of Pakistani drama industry. Make sure not to watch these dramas or even not expect too much from them.

1.Teri Raza:

The biggest disappointment of the year is the drama serial, Teri Raza. The poor story and weak dialogues break the expectation of the fans. The drama cast includes very experienced actors Sanam Baloch, Sarmad Khoosat, Shaheen Khan and Sheroz Sabzwari. But this drama cannot attract the audience and come to the number one in the worst drama list.


Another disappointment movement for Pakistan drama industry is Beqasoor drama serial. The story of this drama cannot attract the viewers and hence came at number 2.

3.Moor Mehal:

This drama came at number 3 when we talk about worst drama serials. The posters and promos of the drama seem very interesting as they predict the drama is based on some royal based story. But it was totally opposite.

4.Bin Roye:

The biggest failure of the year was bin Roye. This drama is unable to attract the viewers instead of excellent cast, well-reputed writer. Opposite to this, Bin Roye Movie was the biggest blockbuster.


The expectation for this drama was very high due to the best ever chemistry of Maya Ali and Osama Khalid Butt. Consequently, the weak story and predictable changes put this drama on the list of worst.

6.Seeta Bagri:

This drama serial was considered to be the biggest epic based on the Hindu community of Pakistan. But unfortunate, become the biggest distress.

7.Man Mayal:

Instead of a great cast, powerful starting, great expression put this dram in this list due to unreliable change, unpredictable characters and of course the famous “Jenna”.

8.Zara Yaad Kar:

This drama serial gain popularity in starting but boring story unable to tie the interest of the viewers and becomes the biggest mishap.


As the name suggested, there was nothing like Pakeeza in the drama. Instead of senior actors such as Bushra Ansari, Amina Sheikh, and Adnan Siddique, this drama is also a big flop of the year.

10.Tumhare Siwa:

The drama serial is based on the illogical story and inappropriate scenes which puts this drama serial as a flop and disappoint the viewers. The cast includes Ahsan Khan, Ayesha Khan, Mansha Pasha and Noor Hassan.

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