Top 10 Best Turkish Drama List in Pakistan (Worth Watching)


Top 10 Best Turkish Drama List Airedin Pakistan (Urdu Dubbed)

Turkish drama serials are getting more and more popularity in Pakistan. After Indian drama serials, the only drama industry who gain importance and attention of the viewers is Turkish drama industry. first of all, the things that make these dramas popular includes dressing style, location, expressions, celebrities and of course the emotions. furthermore, drama plot is so powerful. Geo TV introduced first turkish drama in Urdu dubbed form. As a result, all other drama channels start dubbing Turkish Drama Serials. Today, I am gonna tell you about Top 10 best Turkish drama List in Pakistan that takes a special place in hearts of the Pakistani Fans.

Top 10 Turkish Drama List:

Here is the list of Top 10 best Turkish Drama List aired in Pakistan in Urdu dubbed form. Hope you like this effort.

1.Pyar Lafzon me Kahan:

This drama serial gets a totally unbelievable rating in less time. The drama story is based on the love story of two cute persons, Hayat and Murat. It is currently playing and becoming viral by every passing Turkish drama list


Probably, the most thriller, epic, and emotional drama serial are based on the love triangle between three persons. The drama got the significant rating and it is aired twice on the Pakistani Turkish drama list


Feriha is the most popular Turkish drama serial aired on Urdu1. The drama serial is based on the love story of two couples with different family status. The drama tells how traditions become a hurdle in love story of two people. Its first season is aired in Pakistan whereas second is Turkish drama list

4.Fatima Gul:

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the year goes to this drama serial. This drama serial is based on the story of a girl who was sexually abused by four men. This drama story is based on emotions, love and of course high lights the major social issues. As a result, this drama cames at number 4th in the Turkish drama list

5.Mera Sultan:

This drama serial was aired on Geo TV and based on the historical background of the Turkish Culture. The drama was really admired by the people and remains in the memories after its Turkish drama list


The drama serial Elif goes viral in its starting episodes and become popular by increasing days. The drama story is based on the love story and Family Traditions. hence, considered as biggest epic.

best Turkish drama list

7.Manahil Aur Khalil:

The drama serial is also very popular and based on the love story of two cute persons with a bundle of Turkish drama list

8.Kosem Sultan:

Another drama serial based on the history of Turkey is Kosem Sultan. This drama serial is also the biggest blockbuster. The female role was very strong who render light on the brave girl’s Turkish drama list


Geo Kahani played this thriller drama serial. The lead role is played by a famous actress who worked in Ishq-e-Mamno Drama. consequently, this drama is the biggest epic of the Turkish drama list

10.Kala Paisa Payar:

Finally, Kala Paisa Payar is at number 10 famous drama serial of turkey. The drama is based on action, love, emotions, and romance. Perhaps, this drama is based on Turkish drama list

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