Top 5 Apps of 2017

2016 can be considered to be the year of apps, artificial intelligence, and big data and cloud computing. We have complied a list of MUST-HAVE apps necessary for your smart devices and tabs.


Need a spicy GIF to kill a thread or pepper a conversation? Giphy’s got you covered with its robust GIF search engine.
As with its online service, you can find reactions, memes and other clips for just about any occasion and share them in messaging apps, email and social networks.

Opera VPN

If you are looking for free and easy-to-use VPN for your phone then Opera is offering its users to get connected and browse anonymously without giving away real IP address. The service allows you to select from five server locations including the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and Netherlands.


This ingenious app from Google helps the users to scan old photographs perfectly using just your phone’s camera without enhancing any shine on the photos’ surface. You just need follow the on-screen guide to capture images from multiple positions and then PhotoScan will automatically remove glare to give you high-quality digital version of your precious memories and moments.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It allows users to work with multiple layers within a single file and can import stock illustrations and photos straight from Adobe’s catalog to incorporate into your creations. It has brought 11 brushes, pencils, markers and other amazing stuff.


Now you have an easy way to track all your daily fitness activity. Human takes note of your walks, runs and bike rides. It also motivates you to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Not only that, it displays the distance covered on maps. Human is a very interactive app to track step counts and fitness progress.

To download, please visit play store or iOS to install your favorite application.

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