Top 5 Best Android Applications to Recover Deleted Photos- 2020


How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phones – Easily

Pictures capture the most beautiful and interesting moments of your life. You probably take pictures on every event of your life such as birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, trips and friends get together. If you delete data photographs, you probably need Applications to Recover Deleted Photos. It depicts the life period full of joy, happiness, celebrations and much more. It’s almost impossible that you never take pictures with friends get together. With these pictures, you can look back at your past

The history of capturing pictures is not new. The first photograph was captured in 1826 in France but there is confusion about it because some say it was discovered in 1827. Joseph Nicéphore Niepce takes first ever photograph of his upstairs window by his own developed camera. In 1861, James clerk developed first color picture by combining three black and white pictures and filled them with RGB colors.

Android Applications to Recover Deleted Photos

If you accidentally delete this images you probably lost your golden memories. But You don’t need to worry anymore. Today I am gonna tell you the Top 5 Android Applications to Recover Deleted Photos. By use of these applications, you can recover the deleted data and simply get your memories back.

  1. Disk Digger Photo Recovery:

disk digger application
disk digger application

Perhaps disk digger photo recovery is considered as one of the best and most powerful application to recover the deleted images. It provides you the opportunity to recover all of your deleted images just like a dream. It uses to recover photographs both from mobile and SD card. You can save your images on google drive, Dropbox and via email share. Phone Root is no longer needed due to this application.

  1. Dumpster Image and Video Restore:

dumpster android application
dumpster android application

If you want to recover your photographs as well as videos too, then let me tell you that dumpster image and video restore is the best choice for you. Dumpster recycles bin will surprisingly restore your deleted applications, images, videos and other data. The good news is that; it is freely available on play store and you don’t need an internet connection.

  1. GT Recovery:


GT recovery is most powerful application to recover the deleted images in less time and with less effort. This application is used to recover all the deleted data of your device such as photos, SMS, contacts, call logs etc. Don’t miss the chance to get this magical application now!

  1. Dig Deep:

Disk Digger Photo Recovery Application
Disk Digger Photo Recovery Application

Another powerful application, allows you to save the deleted pictures. What you have to do it, just install the application, click on recover and select the images that you want to recover. It will surprisingly create a separate folder in your gallery and save all the recovered images there. I personally use this application so witnessed that it works perfectly and successfully save the pictures.

  1. Restore Image:

Restore Image Android Application
Restore Image Android Application

If you want to restore your deleted images most efficiently and effectively, then I would suggest you install Restore Image application. What you have to do, is to install this application, select the folder and the images which you want to restore. No phone root and backup data required for this.

I have explained top 5 Applications to Recover Deleted Photos from your Android device and SD card. I hope this helps you a lot. Keep connected and get more techniques from our web.You may read our following Articles related to this

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