Top 5 Best Schools in Faisalabad, Pakistan

The third most-populous city of Pakistan, Faisalabad is settled in the eastern province of Punjab, and the habitat of Punjabi-speaking people, Faisalabad is known for producing agriculture equipment, silk and cotton, dyes and industrial chemicals and so on related to textiles. Being funded by the Government of Punjab, education system is progressing day by day in Faisalabad, as the city believes in moving forward on the way of success. To make the dream of becoming educated nation, Faisalabad is playing a big role to enlighten students along with four levels of the education system in the city: Primary, Elementary, High and Higher Secondary Level. Home to University of Agriculture, Government College University as well as the Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Divisional Public School Faisalabad and National Textile University, Faisalabad is engaged in providing higher education of international standards to make successful professionals for the nation.

Enumerating the Top 5 Best Schools in Faisalabad, Pakistan, depending on different parameters from academic rigor to sports. No matter, if the parameters of intellectual grooming, character building, academics and fitness are your priority, these top 5 best schools in Faisalabad are all about making your children the winners for practical world.

5- The City School-Chenab Campus Faisalabad

Not much interested to stretch your legs in the school buildings? But seeking for a trustworthy institute to put trust for your children’s future? Well there cannot be a blind-cum-great choice, other than The City School! Installed in different cities of Pakistan and international borders, this international educational institute is all about academic excellence. The City School believes in professionalism and modern education to meet the needs of today’s world. Worthy of your investment for your children, the city school promises bright future for your children by educating them Oxford and Cambridge curriculum.

4- Faisalabad Grammar School

Installed in Kohinoor city, Faisalabad, this private educational center, Faisalabad Grammar School is affiliated with international educational bodies i.e. Oxford and Cambridge. In the first seven years of pre-school education, Faisalabad Grammar school teaches English, Urdu, mathematics, social studies, science, Pakistan studies to groom the hidden potentials of students, and later on they are given choice to move to Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Business and General Arts. Concentrating on education of international standards and co-circular activities, the school trains the students to walk successful in modern times.

3- Allied school Faisalabad

An amazing educational body that believes, every human being living on this planet has a right to get education, regardless of social background, totally deserves to be in the list of top 5 best schools in Faisalabad. Without discriminating in elite and middle class, Allied School Faisalabad is perched out in people’s colony. The basic aim of this private yet pocket-friendly educational institute is to groom hidden potentials of children. A humble project of Punjab Group of Colleges, Allied School is all about serving parents a great child and great leader to the nation.

2- Divisional Public School Faisalabad

Standing in the downtown of Faisalabad, Divisional Public School is the oldest school of city, which came into being in 1963 with a motto of ربِّ زِدْنِي عِلْماً (O Lord! Increase me in knowledge). Proudly standing in the heart of Faisalabad city, govern by Deputy Commissioner of the city, covering an area of 51 acres, this is the biggest educational school of this city, in terms of total area. Educating the children from pre-school to higher education, Divisional Public School provides quality education of science subjects, arts and computer sciences. This semi-private school is being used as boarding school for students of rural areas, as this educational center is loaded with hostel, mosque and faculty residences in different lofty buildings. Educating the National and International syllabus, the school has earned loads of respect in middle as well as elite class of the city.

1- Beaconhouse School System Canal Campus Faisalabad

One of the private school networks in world, Beaconhouse School System provides education of international standards to thousands of students in Pakistan. Perched out in 30 different cities of our country, this private school is playing significant role in inducing modernism and professionalism to our society. Settled in East Canal Road with different buildings for girls and boys, this educational body is a big YES for securing your children’s future. Keeping in priority, moral values, goals, quality education and grooming, beaconhouse school system makes your children ready to run and win the race of highly competitive world.

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