Top 5 Biased TV Channels in Pakistan

As the day passes, the journalism and media channels in Pakistan are becoming more bogus and bigot.  Now, there isn’t any media channel that presents the news with entirely authentic information. In journalism, it is termed as “media bias,” when the correspondents and news producers consider a specific selection of events and stories to report and cover. In short, they cover news that will cost them personal benefits and higher rating. Besides this, these media channels present the bigoted and manipulated information to their viewers rather than giving them the fair and authentic information which is their key responsibility to. Here observed out the top 5 TV channels in Pakistan, and they are:


GEO News

Since its inception, GEO has been accused of being pro-PMLN as it never shows any criticism and disagreement towards Nawaz Sharif’s schemes. This also suggests that how GEO is one of the leading media channel in Pakistan, yet most corrupted.

PTV News

There is no doubt that PTV is a government owned channel and therefore it is obvious that it must give most attention to its governmental related news, however it is bias when it comes to presenting the news.  As typically, the channel presents highly pro-government discussion. Moreover, the channel projects no opposition and criticism against governmental policies.

ARY News

While, ARY has always been anti-governmental and pro-PTI, this also indicates why ARY is always doing anti-governmental politics. It is always criticizing PMLN, PPP and government while supports pro-establishment.

Dunya News

Since the last elections held in 2013, Dunya News has been openly campaigning for PTI and bashing and ridiculing against PMLN, but this approach of Dunya News of being pro-PTI is highly inappropriate as they’re not providing the factual information which sometimes are not in favor of PTI.

Samaa News

Being one of the leading media channels, it is still not providing the authentic information regarding politics in Pakistan. Samaa News is highly anti-PTI as it openly called a PTI’s jalsa a flop show.


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