6th September “Defense Day” of Pakistan


6th September in Pakistan also known as “Youm-e-Difa”. On this day in 1965 Indian armed troops crossed the international border and attacked on Pakistan without any warning of war in the middle of the night and they thought that they will do breakfast in Lahore but unfortunately this couldn’t happened due to the brave soldiers of Pak Army and dreams of Indian troops got ruined. They forgot that they are going to attack a nation which can get cut into two pieces but won’t bend in front of enemy. In this war Pak soldiers played their role as well as nations feelings were self made examples which are not found in the world today.

Here are some of the highlights of the stories from the war of 6th September 1965.

In those days a beggar in the Lahore begs for money in every house in the area instead of meal he insists people to give him money despite that he get insulted on this behavior he continued his routine and in the evening he used to donate all that money to the “ARMY RELIEF CAMPS” and he used to eat dry bread with water. One of the news reporter was observing him and asked him why would you do that, the beggar proudly said that “today my country need this money much more and my country remain safe and I will never die of hunger”.

When Pak Army was in need of the blood then the nation made the Army proud and there were huge lines in front of blood banks, In fact the blood banks got full and there was no space to store the blood, people donated their refrigerators to store the blood. In the blood donating line there was a weak guy enthusiastically waiting for his turn to donate the blood but when he was weighted he didn’t qualified for the donating blood. He came out and was crying for this cause, there was a shop in front of the blood bank he told the shop keeper that he wants to donate blood but his weight is less and he asked him to give him a weight stone shopkeeper gave him the stone he covered it in his clothes and donated the blooded, due the crowd no one noticed that he was the same guy. He came out from the blood bank happily thanked shopkeeper and returned the stone.6 September

After reading these stories people heave a sigh of relief who have some emotions and love rest of don’t feel the same. Nowadays over country is getting ruled by Non Muslims and us despite of Muslims not having faith in ALLAH and fulcrums. Our religion teaches us that Non Muslims can never be friend of Muslims, are we forgetting….Are we true Muslims???

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