Top 5 Bridal Dress Designers in Pakistan

The wedding day is usually THE most important day in a girl’s life. The bride-to-be makes sure everything she wears is top notch, from the mehndi to her dress. Getting the dress for the big day designed by a hotshot designer has been in vogue for a while now. The booking and planning start MONTHS before the wedding day. The most famous designers for bridal dresses include:


HSY is one of the most famous fashion labels in South Asia. He is a bridal couture expert andhas boutiques all over the world. He is an affiliate of La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France. HSY is often known as the ‘king’ of the fashion industry in Pakistan. This makes him the most sought out bridal dress designer in the country.



Deepak Perwani is yet another fashion icon in Pakistan. His bridal dress line was a big success from the beginning. He participates numerous fashion shows, national and international. Deepak Perwani is the winner of a record six Lux style awards, 2 MTV style guru awards, a standing ovation at Milan fashion week 2010, best International Designer at Miami fashion week and the 6th innovative design house in the world at the world Bulgarian Fashion Awards. His bridal dresses are known for the fusion of eastern traditional cuts and embellishments with western style.


Maria B. launched her dress brand back in 1999. She started with designing cotton shalwar kameez and now has several lines, including bridal wear. Maria B. is famous for her brilliant color, beautiful fabrication, and hand-crafted details.


Asim Jofa, originally a jewelry designer, has achieved great fame for his various collections, including bridal. He won the best designer award in the International Asian Fashion Awards in 2012. Asim Jofa’s delicate, handcrafted designs are in demand ever since nationally and internationally.


Bunto Kazmi is famous for her Mughal inspired designs. She is the face of Pakistani traditions on international platforms. Her bridal collection is uniquely royal and easy to carry. For traditional, embellished and beautifully contrasted bridal dress, Bunto Kazmi is your designer.


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