Top 5 Dramas that you Must Watch Again


The fame of Bollywood and Lollywood movies have just ended and a new conversation about the successful Pakistani dramas have started. These Pakistani dramas are not only watched and appreciated in Pakistan but also in other countries. They not only provide the onlookers the best drama serials but also the quality of this entertainment is maintained. Here are some dramas that you will want to watch again and again:

Sun Yaara:

The crave of this drama has increased its rates on ARY Digital. It focuses on the love between 2 brothers and their sister. Brother named Talal (Junaid khan) shows extreme love for sister (Lala Rukh) and married Hina Mani to make her happy and insisted her to marry again.

Dayar-e- Dill:

One of the most popular drama which entertained every people of every age. It casts Maya Ali, Sanam Saeed, Osman Khalid, harem Farooq and some other talented actors. The moral of this drama shows the love between 2 brothers and how their families live together after their death.

Muhabbat tm se Nafrat Hai:

A drama beautifully started and entertained many watchers that casts Ayeza Khan which plays key role in the whole drama. The story is about love and hate between ayeza and Imran Abbas features other actors also.


This drama revolves around a young girl (Mawra Hocane) who was sold by her family. The drama shows the rural society, their outdated decisions which affects the life of many individuals.


A hit drama of the year which casts a new upcoming fame Kubra Khan. She wants to seek intentions of her parents who are busy in their social lives. This is a true story where the young girl was raped by a man and then she became his daughter-in-law.

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