Top 5 Foods to Eat this Ramadan 2017


In the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslims are supposed to refrain themselves from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. This holy festival lasts for 30 days, in which Muslims hold fast to celebrate Eid ul Fitr in the end of holy month. This year 2017, the holy month of Ramadan has fallen in May, the hot summer month to continue till the end of June, the hotter time period of summer.

As the Muslims are refrained to eat and drink throughout the day, it is obligatory to short list the TOP 5 THINGS TO EAT THIS RAMADAN 2017, to maintain the health and excitement to celebrate Eid with full throttle and ethnicity, which is to be held on June 25, 2017.

5- Mango Milkshake

What can be better than refreshing and salubrious mango milkshake, a perfect combination of pleasure and nourishing elements for mango lovers..  All you need is pulp of one mango, a glass of low fat milk (skimmed milk) and few cubes of ice. Add them altogether in the blender and blend them well. A healthy, refreshing and cold glass of milkshake is ready for you! You can add sugar/jiggery too to make it more sugary and sweet. The mango milkshake will boost your energy throughout the day after having it in sahoor. During iftar, it will fill you up with boosting energy and healthy calories, without making you lethargic.

4- Channa Chaat With Low Fat Yogurt

It is understood that you must fill your body with high energy and less amount of food after holding a fast of 16 long hours. Channa Chaat , brimmed with high proteins and fibers of chic peas ( white channa and potatoes, low fat yogurt and spices will make you fuller and hit your taste buds with an ocean of flavors. All you need is to boil the chic peas and potatoes and drain the water from it. Add them in a bowl to add yogurt, spices, chilies, onions and tomatoes in small cubes or slices. Mix them up. A bowl of channa chaat is complete package proteins which is nutritious as well as tasty to keep you energized throughout the Ramadan in hot summer.

3- Chicken Macroni Salad

An average person requires 1200 calories a day and a healthy portion of proteins, vitamins and minerals. But in Ramadan, it is really normal that you can’t stuff yourself with large meals in sahoor and iftar time. Chicken macroni salad is the right combination of proteins, vitamins and good fats which will make you full and energetic throughout the day. You just need to boil the macroni and chicken as required and mix it up with mayonnaise, cucumbers, celery, green peas, pineapples, and whatever you like. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper, and chili flakes over it to boost its taste. A creamy but light bowl of chicken macroni salad is ready to eat, which won’t burden your stomach and digestion.

2- Fruit Salad With Cream

In the summer months, you can easily get bananas, apples, mangoes, peaches, apricots and many summer fruits. Fruits are good enough to suppress your appetite and fill you up in no time. Choose your favorite fruits, cut them in small cubes and mix them with low fat cream. Add some sugar, salt and black pepper to intensify the flavors. Fruits will really keep you hydrate in this hot summer and you won’t feel dizzy or low. And it will fill the need of sugar cravings with right amount of cream and natural sugar of fruits.

1-Grilled Chicken/Fish

To keep your holy journey active and pleasant, you must have proper diet of proteins and fats. You must not feel low or lethargic as this is not the objective of Ramadan. For a healthy journey of Ramadan of 30 days, get some chicken or fish in your refrigerators. Grill the required amount of 100 grams/per person daily or you can cook it too in little amount of olive oil. Don’t forget to season your chicken/fish with salt, black pepper, soya sauce, and chili flakes. This will excite your taste buds and energized your body as well.

You might get extensive variety of rich foods of proteins and vitamins, but you are just supposed to choose the healthy foods and recipes to keep you healthy and energetic throughout the Ramadan.

May you have a healthy and pleasant trip of holy Ramadan 2017, along with this assorted list of Top 5 Foods To Eat This Ramadan 2017.

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