Shocking! Top 5 Premium and Most Expensive Cars in Pakistan 2019

Top 5 Expensive Cars in Pakistan 2019 – Shocking Features and Prices

The craze of buying expensive things is common in human beings. In 2019, more than 10 cars were launched and they all are hell expensive. The list of Top 5 Expensive Cars in Pakistan 2019 is here.

Most Expensive Cars in Pakistan 2019:

The list of top 5 most expensive car will shock you. If you want one, then grab it today before a new model takes the turn.

5.Toyota Premio:

This amazing car is launched in Pakistan in 2019. This fuel efficient car contains two powers for engine one is 1500 cc and other is 1800 cc. This greater fuel capacity, automatic transmission, power window, 1.8L 4-cylinder engine make this car even worthier. The price of this car is 27,000 PKR which stand this car in the row of most expensive cars in Pakistan 2019.Expensive Cars in Pakistan

4.Suzuki Ravi:

Another branded and expensive car is Suzuki Ravi. On this car, only two people can sit and the seats are much comfortable. To best meet the Pakistani road need, this car is equipped with water cooling system. The price of the car is 637,000 PKR and came at number four among the expensive cars.Expensive Cars in Pakistan

3.Honda Accord Plugin:

Yet another famous and expensive car in Pakistan is Honda Accord Plugin. The four-cylinder engine, an electric braking system for safety, Bluetooth streaming, audio touch screens, better fuel capacity and consumption make this car even more favorite among all others. The price of this is 122.55 Lac PKR.Expensive Cars in Pakistan

2.Toyota Vigo Champ:

Another expensive car famous due to the killer and supple look. The strong engine, 76ltrs. Fuel capacity, automatic four speeds make this car the dream car. This car is launched in 2018 and become the favorites car amongst them all. However, the seats are comfortable, auto up and down windows and beautiful design bring this at the number two in the list. The price of this car is varied.

  • Vigo Champ:  Rs 3,125,000
  • Vigo Champ V M/T:  RS 3,449,000

Expensive Cars in Pakistan

1.Land Rover Range Rover:

Perhaps the most beautiful, classy and elegant car in Pakistan in 2019 is Land Rover. The car designed is really awesome as well as equipped with other features too. However, it contains 2-liter turbocharged diesel, automatic 8 speeds with a sitting capacity of five persons. The prices of the cars are too much high and came at number one on this list.

  • 1st: Range Rover Evoque :12,000,000.00 PKR
  • 2nd: Range Rover Vouge TDV8: 28,500,000.00 PKR
  • 3rd: Range Rover Sport SE: 26,500,000.00 PKR

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