How to File Complaint about Cyber-Crime – Complete Detail

How to File Complaint about Cyber-Crime – Procedure, and Reasons

If you see any misbehave or become a victim of any crime, then it’s mandatory to file a complaint against cybercrime to NR3C. To File Complaint about Cyber-Crime, you just have to inform the NR3C regarding this. After that, they will handle rest of the process.

When to File Complaint about Cyber-Crime:

  • When your website is hacked by someone or someone illegal take access to your website.
  • Also, if someone takes online money through Easy Paisa, ATM, Bank account, Credit card, debit card etc.
  • Someone gained access to your physical devices such as a laptop, mobile, and other devices.
  • Moreover, any person hacked your social media accounts.
  • Likewise, someone is sharing wrong information on your social media account or pages/groups.
  • Similarly, any person sharing your confidential information such as phone number, images, background etc. on social media.
  • Another reason is when someone sharing the wrong information about religion or any issue and strict on it. Furthermore, people get amused by this.
  • If someone is hurting, you towards harsh words or bad words.
  • Lastly, when someone makes the account with the same name as you have and pretend to be you through fake ID.

File a Complaint about Cyber-Crime procedures:

To File a Complaint about Cyber-Crime is an easy process. The authority takes some time to verify and then they take action. Any digital violation of the law is also a crime and such person will be punished. There are many procedures for filing a complaint about cyber-crime.

Online Application:

On the official site of the website, fill the online application form carefully and submit the complaint.

Through Email:

Send an email pertaining the name, email, CNIC, Phone number, complaint body, and proofs (if have any) and send it to this email address.

Hand Written Application:

The third method is to write the application containing the complaint body alongside with your personal detail such as Name, email, phone number and CNIC. Post the complaint application to the given address.

Director NR3-FIA

National Police Foundation Building

2nd Floor, Muave Area, G 10/4, Islamabad.

By Visiting the Office:

The last method is to file the complaint by visiting the head office of the FIA. Go to the NR3C office and file a complaint with the person in the office.

The format of the Complaint:

There is no proper format defined for File a Complaint about Cyber-Crime. Simply write the application of plain paper or PC screen. Provide proper information about yourself and if you know the accused person’s detail then also mention it. Attach all the evidence such as email printouts, screenshots etc. if you have and that’s all.

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