Top 5 Hi-Tea spots in Karachi


Karachi is an ex-capital city of Pakistan. It is a metropolitan area and famous for its ports and also known as the financial Centre of Pakistan. There are different communities living in Karachi. Karachi is also famous for its food restaurants. It is a modern city of Pakistan. If we talk about the hi-tea eateries in Karachi, there are ample of cozy restaurants offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Listed below are some of the prominent names with promising quality food with taste.

Al Bustan

Al Bustan is one of the best hi-tea restaurant situated in is situated in Saddar club road. It offers a variety of continental cuisine from 6:30am to 11:00pm during the weekdays and also on the weekends. Its flamboyant menu has a variety of cultural famous biryani, karahi, and dal makhani. The restaurant offers a great dining experience with amazing hospitality.


Chatkharay Express

Chatkharay express is a hi-tea restaurant located in Clifton, Karachi. The eatery offers various Pakistani cuisine foods for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The timings of the restaurant are from 8am to 12am.


Café chatterbox

Café chatterbox has its unique identity. It is an extension of (Pie in the sky bakery) which was formed in 2003. The wooden interior is quite a warm welcoming and amazing accumulation of coffee table books, cookbooks and lists only contribute to the mood. As Chatterbox is basically a café, they have a broad menu and rather heavenly and tasty.



Dumpukht is famous for its BBQ and Grills. The restaurant offers dinner and lunch with a variety of food. The timing of the restaurant is from 7pm to 11pm. The cuisine offered by the restaurant is Pakistani including BBQ and Grills etc.


Hobnob cafe

Hobnob café is a restaurant offering a hi-tea buffet on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. The cuisine includes a numerous range of tasty cakes. The High tea buffet costs PKR 649+Tax.


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