Popular Season to Watch this November


November is the perfect month to binge-watch your favorite series. Many new series have launched their first season, while the old ones premiered an installment of a new season. Some of the recent and popular seasons to watch this month are:

American Horror Storyamerican-horror-story-my-roanoke-nightmare

The 6th installment, My Roanoke Nightmare of the one of the most horror TV series in the history is way more thrilling than its previous seasons. The season is based on a true story of Roanoke colony, also known as Lost Colony which is what today known as North Carolina. The story is like a paranormal documentary which reenacts the horrifying experiences of Shelby and her husband, Matt in the Roanoke colony.

The Walking Deadthe-walking-dead-201748

The Walking Dead brings its new season 7 at the end of October. The 7th installment has already received positive reviews due to its thrilling and plot-twisted episodes. The season revolves around the story of famous comic character Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva. It also covers the disturbing locations of The Kingdom and Sanctuary.


The TV series first season is based on the real life struggles of a modern-day black woman. Although, they’re depicted as a strong, tough woman but in actual black females deal with a lot of insecurities, uncomfortable experiences and racist issues. It doesn’t just portray the life of a black female, but also the entire womenfolk and the daily difficulties they run into. A must-watch for all the girls, it is ironic how relatable you will find it.


The new HBO series is one of the best shows to watch this fall. The series is based on the futuristic amusement park that is occupied by robots, which allows wealthy and rich guests to live like the Wild West.

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