Top 5 Pakistani Cooking Recipes Apps


The world is progressing so rapidly, that with every new day, new technologies ooze forth. With technology’s wheel spinning that fast, Smartphone is a device that has become an essential part of our lives. It is impossible to name a field of life which has been left virtually untouched by this technology. cooking recipes

From emergency to home security, navigation and shopping, everything is now accessible thanks to the applications on the Smartphones. Similarly, the field of food and culinary arts has been ratified completely as Android apps have transformed the art of cooking by introducing online cooking recipe apps which allow its users to learn new cooking recipes every day at their leisure, without leaving the comfort zone of their homes.

Cooking Recipes Apps

The following text contains a list top five cooking recipe apps that make cooking in Pakistan much easier.

  1. Masala TV

    cooking recipes

One of the top rated cooking apps of Pakistan is known as the Masala Tv app. Masala tv channel started broadcasting back in 2006 as a part of the Hum Tv Network and has been rocking it ever since.

On the Masala Tv app, the users can find a list of more than 300 traditional cooking recipes with easy descriptions in Urdu and English language. All the recipes incorporated on the app are Asian and compiled but the top-rated chefs of Masala Tv Channel itself.

  1. Food Fusion

    cooking recipes

Food Fusion is one of the leading names in online cooking platforms in Pakistan right now. With more than 2 million likes on Facebook, food fusion has cemented its spot among the top cooking recipe platforms currently operating in the country.

Food Fusion has its very own application with a wide variety of cooking recipes to choose from. The app incorporates not only desi but also Turkish, American, Indian and Chinese cooking recipes. There are different sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes each with a two-minute video guide.

  1. SooperChef

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If you search the word “Pakistani Food Recipes” on Google, Sooperchef would be one of the top names you see. Being one of the top-notch food websites in Pakistan, sooperchef has more than 2.2 million likes on Facebook alone.

Along with Continental, Pakistani, Indian cooking recipes and desserts, sooperchef’s app also has a unique offline mode. Moreover, its 4k two-minute videos can be enjoyed anytime. The app also incorporates a community forum where users can interact with others. Furthermore, they can share ideas and ask questions about food and recipes.

  1. Urdu recipes

    cooking recipes

Another online food portal that is loved by residents of Pakistan is “Urdu Recipes”. The Urdu Recipes app boasts many exceptional features like bookmarks and high-quality imagery. The format is pretty simple and there is a wide variety of recipes to choose.

The list ranges from healthy morning breakfast recipes like sprouted grain muffins to more delectable and hot snacks like burritos and tasty drinks such as smoothies and milkshakes. The most admired feature of the app is that it works flawlessly when in offline mode and has numerous luscious recipes like nihari, fried fish, and qorma etc illustrated in detail.

  1. Food Recipes

    cooking recipes

Another one of a kind cooking app that is pretty popular in Pakistan is “food recipes”. The cooking portal is known for its unfussy design where the recipes are divided into three main parts making it much easy to understand.

The unique feature of the app is that it incorporates two free EBooks (PDF): one is about weight loss with less than three ingredients and other is about cooking recipes.


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